Trushare Files  No. 100

September 2003

The Hundredth Edition






Our cover picture for this month is a roof boss from the sanctuary of the Cathedral Church of Our Lady, Antwerp. the vaulting of the choir at Antwerp is remarkable for having retained much of the original early fifteenth century colouring. St John the Baptist has, over the last ten years, become something of a Patron Saint of new Directions. We particularly admire his tone see Luke 3: 714




From the Chairman of Forward in Faith

The Structures of Unity
Archbishop Rowan Williams considers our accountability one to another

What is a Bishop for?
Andy Hawes goes back to square one

Fusillade Digby Anderson on Tone

A Job for the Boys?
Hugh Baker looks to the Courtroom beyond

Andrew Starkie on the misuse of language

Have you heard the angels sing?

Nature or Nurture Again
by GK 

Anglican Devotion
The Hymnal

Gathering by Night
by NT

Where are they now?
Archdeacon Armitage-Shanks, April Heavisides et al.

Family History
Patrick Henry Reardon on the tenor of the Biblical narrative

An Anatomy of Error IX
Reason Unreasonable

New Directions
Robbie Low looks back on ten tumultuous years

Faith of our Fathers
Gregory the Great:  The Book of Pastoral Rule

A Divided Church?
The divisions may not be those we would expect, says Peter Steinfels

Liturgical Notes
Follow Rome back to Cranmer

The Love of the Father
It is not the sex, but the patronizing of God that upsets us

The Way We Live Now
American Blues

Synod Insider
It is all Greek to our Synod rep

Letter from America
"Besides that, Mrs Lincoln, how was the play?"

Letter from Australia
Hopelessly flawed again

Book Reviews
Martyn Jarrett on Kenneth Leech

Tradition and Change
A Report by Peter Yates from the recent RooT Conference

Media Watch
George Austin on two troubling media suicides

FiF Update


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