Trushare Files  No. 101

New Directions

October 2003






Our cover illustration shows a part of the nave roof of Monreale, Sicily. Completed in 1176 by the Norman King William II, the richly decorated roof beams include decoration in the Saracenic style, which is even more pronounced in the coffering of the sanctuary roof. The nave roof was restored in 1811 after a disastrous fire which fortunately left the famous mosaics largely untouched.




Suicide and the Self
Nicholas Turner on The Hutton Inquiry

Accountability and Unity

The Archbishop of Sydney responds to the Archbishop of Canterbury

Leadership in Crisis
John Richardson on the privatization of episcopacy

Idle Curiosity
Without God and without hope?

Those Letters
The full text of Griswold and
Bennison's epistles

Fanning the Flame
Gerry O'Brien reports on Evangelicals in good heart at Blackpool

Peace and Proximity

Divided We Fall

Anglican Devotion: The English Bible
Arthur Middleton

No Sex Please, We're British
by NT

Treasures New and Old
Anne Gardom on a remarkable one man show

The Sage of Caesarea
Patrick Henry Reardon on the life and work of Philip

An Anatomy of Error X
Absolutely Null and Utterly Void?

Moving On
Robbie Low muses among the packing cases

Almost There
Sam Philpott on the Women Bishops Shadow Working Party Report

Faith of our Fathers
The Priest and Contemplative Living

Untimely Thoughts
Remain Seated for Victory, says Luke Millar

30 Days

Synod Insider
Gerry O'Brien prefers the Advocate to the lawyers

A Deceptive Freedom
George Austin queries who has the last word

Without Prejudice
Letter from Australia by David Chislett

Book Reviews

The Federation of Catholic Priests

Things ain't what they used to be
George Austin on Media Watch

FiF Update

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