Trushare Files  No. 102



November 2003




Our cover illustration shows three lights of the oldest figurative stained glass in Europe, in the cathedral of Augsburt, Swabia. Dating from the middle of the eleventh century the windows survived the almost 50% destruction of the historic heart of the city by bombing in 1944. Replaced in the restored cathedral they are a reminder of the long history of faith in one of the greatest of the Free Cities of the Empire. The figures (from left to right are Daniel, Hosea and David.





A Meeting of Minds
John Higginbottom on Rowan Willisms' Visit to Rome

Foundations of Love
Alan Rabjohns rejoices in the beauty of friendship

It's not FAIR!
Francis Gardom on Growing Up

The Good Shepherd
John Hunwicke on John Paul II's Exhortation Pastores Gregis

Idle Curiosity

What's in a Shirt?
John Richardson has a near-death experience

Pusey House, Oxford

US 'Gay' Debate Timeline 19762003

Gerry O'Brien on a breach of solemn trust

Trumps and Bumps

Sloane Rangers by GK

Return of the Goths
Anne Gardom on the style that remains

To the Gentiles
Patrick Reardon on a leper made clean

An Anatomy of Error XI

Where Credit's due
Robbie Low on the demise of the Polonius principle

Faith of our Fathers
Spiritual Friendship

Liturgical Notes
Audemus dicere

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Warp Factor

Synod Insider
Those two words

Letter from Australia
The Road Ahead

Don't Leave it too Late
Arthur Lewis on the College of St Barnabas

Media Watch
George Austin on Friends Like These

Book Reviews
Orthodox teaching and a monastic handbook

FiF Update

New Directions Directory

SIGN up to the
Action for Marriage

The New Directions Archive
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