Trushare Files  No. 104



January 2004




Our cover illustrations in 2004 will aim, in pictures, to show the beauty and diversity of churches which go to make up our constituency.

We begin with a view of the screen and chancel of St Augustine Kilburn [Chancel 1872, nave 1877, spire and tower 1897-1898] The work of J.L. Pearson, the interior of St Augustine's, with its ambulatory set within the piers of the nave, is said to have been influenced by the Cathedrale de Sainte Cecile, Albi, Midi-Pyrenees. 

Says Basil Clarke [Church Builders of the Nineteenth Century']: The chancel suffers from an excess of ornamentation, and is less successful than many of Pearson's; he did better work when he had less money to spend'. That Clarke's is a tragic misjudgement is clear to anyone who has worshipped in St Augustine's.


In their own write
Letters and press released from the worldwide Church

Halting Ecumenism
John Hind reflects on the ecumenical conclusions from some recent events

Out of the ARC
Geoffrey Kirk reflects on tne meaning of recent ecumenical events.

The unwanted debate
Nicholas Turner looks for something better than the bishops' discussion document

Ghostly Counsel by Andy Hawes

Significance of Sex
John Richardson returns to origins and ends

What if they say NO?
by NT

Patterns of Epiphany

But more so...
by GK

Ultimate Questions
John Ryder explores the demands of compassion

Joy or Enjoyment?
Hugh Baker reflects on the purpose of worship

Collects of the Day
Anne Gardom on the merits of a good old-fashioned hanging

A Peculiar Vocation
Patrick Henry Reardon on an unusual relationship

What is a Saint?
John Hunwicke reviews the Canendar Girls (and boys)

I am what I am
Christina Odone encourges Christians boldly to affirm their faith

Faith of our Fathers
The Holy Scriptures

Why They Quit Part Two
Francis Gardom on Tweenage apostasy

JR a Centre of Excellence

30 Days

The Way We Live Now

Synod Insider
Stable Relationships

Letter from America
Excerpts from a letter delivered to Bishop Michael Curry by a number of priests in the Diocese of North Carolina

Letter from Australia
Accuracy and Beauty

Book Reviews
Cornwall, Compostela, Cologne, East Anglia

Letter from Malawi
It is the biblical understanding of persons that is at issue

Media Watch
George Austin asks an unoriginal question

FiF Update



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