The Bishop John Richards Appeal

Cost of Conscience in association with Forward in Faith is setting up an Appeal to commemorate the late Bishop John Richards.

Bishop John constantly urged us to turn our parishes into Centres of Excellence. The Appeal will run for five years, to make modest grants and loans to parishes with a view to promoting their excellence in some respect. Initially these will be in the range of £50 to £200.

The Appeal will be launched in the April edition of New Directions when the necessary Trust Deed has been drawn up. A Bankerís Order form will be included to facilitate regular payments.

So please encourage those who have benefited from the excellence of Bishop John Richardsí own ministry, by making a regular donation however small to the Fund; or by letting his name be associated with a grant or loan to transform your parish into a Centre of Excellence

Further details available from:
Cost of Conscience, 79 Maze Hill, 
London SE10 8XQ

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