Trushare Files  No. 106



March 2004




Our illustration shows the west front of the Parish Church of Goldthorpe in the South Yorkshire coal-field. Built at the behest of Lord Halifax, Goldthorpe was the first church in England to be built entirely of ferro-concrete. Famous since its foundation for lively Catholic worship, the building has recently been magnificently restored, largely through a grant made by the English Heritage Lottery Fund.


The GRAS advert

Thoughts on GRAS
John Habgood on the dimensions of tolerance

Lost Tools of Learning
Andrew Starkie reflects on confusion and crisis in education

Responding to Cristina
Paul Richardson offers some reflections on Christianity in modern times

Ghostly Council

Hot Catholics
Scott Anderson on the possibilites for renewal and growth

A text for all times

Going, Going, Gone!

Anglican Communion
Arthur Middleton looks at the Faith of the Anglican Commuion

Private Contracts


Greek Fire
Anne Gardom on a cross-cultural visionary

My! My! My!
Patrick Henry Reardon on a biblical temptress

Camera Shy

Back to the Future

The Book of Numbers
Robbie Low on why long division doesn't add up

Faith of our Fathers
Continuing the Way of Unitive Prayer in Richard Baxter

No Authority
Geoffrey Kirk looks at some very weak arguments

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
No Abiding City

Synod Insider
Gerry O'Brien on inconsequentialities

Letter from America
Auburn Traycik on More Networking

Letter from Australia
Impaired communion

Book Reviews
The power of myths real and imagined

Stay and Fight
Paul Griffin on standing where God has put you

Media Watch
Short term memory loss: George Austin reflects on an afternoon's viewing

FiF Update

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