Bishop John Richards Memorial Appeal
Banker's Order

Please print clearly. When completed, this form should be sent to Forward in Faith–NOT to your bank

Your name and address:




Name and address of your Bank



Your Bank Sort Code (as on your cheque book):
Please pay to the account of FORWARD IN FAITH, Account number 7309577 (Sort Code 30 98 97) at Lloyds TSB Bank plc, Butler Place Caxton Street, London SW1H 0PR the sum of (amount in figures)

amount in words:



Please give date on which
you wish payments to commence
and monthly / quarterly
annually * thereafter until
further notice from me / us *
in writing and debit my /
our * account number:

* please delete as applicable




Your Bank
account number

quoting my name and reference number:

J R            
  (for office use only)  
Signed: Date:

Forward in Faith, 2A The Cloisters, Gordon Square, London WC1H 0AG
Telephone: 020 7388 3588 Fax: 020 7387 3539

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