Trushare Files  No. 108



May 2004




Our cover illustration shows the West Front of St Swithun's, Alington, Bridport. Built in the 1820s in a severe Doric style, the façade of St Swithun's is enlivened by a recently restored cupola which adds a slightly exotic touch. The interior, once a plain preaching box with west gallery, is now finely appointed for Catholic worship. The recent extension to the East, including a small parish hall and vestries has been done tastefully and sympathetically


A Kind of Caring

Suicide and the Self

Ghostly Counsel by Andy Hawes

'Water Baord theology'
John Edmondson plumbs into the leaky delivery of theological education

Called out to be God's People 
by Chris Collins

Hymns & Worship Songs
Brian Tubbs

Anglican Identities
Arthur Middleton looks at the Ecumenical Vocation of the Anglican Communion

The Church Thermometer
Chris Idle

600 Years Apart
Hergé and Dürer

The Great Commission
Patrick Henry Reardon on the patterning of Matthew's Gospel

Terminus ad quem

Lex Talionis
Robbie Low on the compensation culture

Faith of our Fathers
Prayer in Julian of Norwich's Revelations

Unborn Europeans
Anthony Bell reports on a key conference on the right to life

Liturgical Notes
Our Unchanging Father

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Last Supper

Synod Insider
Gerry O'Brien on sin, spin, and not caving in

The Corean Mission
A corner of the Anglican Communion beyond the edge of empire

Letter from Australia
Speaking Up

Options: One = Two

Book Reviews
Two books on the Rosary for the month of Mary

Careering around
Paul Griffin on the religious heart of all vocations

Media Watch
Sons and Lovers: George Austin on sex, soaps and serials

FiF Update

New Directions Directory

The Bishop John Richards Memorial Appeal – how to support it . . .

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