Trushare Files  No. 110



JULY 2004




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All Saints, Wickham Terrace was the first Anglican Church in Brisbane. Built in a style developed in British India, it is a boldly Gothic construction, adapted to the tropics. Now situated in down-town Brisbane and a stone's throw from the ambitious cathedral (still unfinished) All Saints exercises a lively inner city ministry. And freshly squeezed orange juice in the cool of the morning under the jacaranda tree!

Last month's cover photo was taken by John R. Salmon and full details of the parish can be found on


New Every Morning
John Hall
on Collective Worship in Schools

Getting it straight
Geoffrey Kirk
tries to summarize events in North America

Reading the Sign Language
Chris Idle on A three-part tale of winners and losers

Strange bedfellows
Nicholas Turner
revisits the Civil Partnership Bill

Ghostly Council
by Andy Hawes

All Together Now
John Richardson
on Rowan Williams' Doctrine of Radical Reconciliation

Tony Gelston on Ember Days

Heresy and Schism
by GK

Cutting the cloth
John Edmonson
on foundation training and financial imperatives

Promises, promises
Jonathan Redvers Harris
on the true origins and intentions of the Act of Synod

Brothers in arms
Patrick Henry Reardon
on the prototype of death

Some mistake surely
by NT

Options Names and Roses 
Geoffrey Kirk
on possible ways forward

Marks Gospel
Robbie Low
retails the decline of a great institution

Karl Marks Disciples
Robbie Low
on the strangest affair of Vatican II

Faith of our Fathers
Arthur Middleton
on The Priest Today

From Riches to Rags
Anne Gardom
in Paris and a bygone era

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Geoffrey Kirk
That's the Way to Do it

Synod Insider
Gerry O'Brien
on why fudge cuts no ice

Letter from America
Michael Heidt on Re-finding the Centre

Letter from Australia
David Chislett on A double act... and the media

Book Reviews
A healing encounter with the Holy Trinity

Set apart for God
Sister Mary Angela
on the challenges and joys of chastity

Media Watch
George Austin
votes 'A' and 'B'

FiF Update

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