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Our cover illustration shows the Christ in Glory above the rood screen in the church of St Mary, Wellingborough. The masterpiece of Sir Ninian Comper in his 'unity by inclusion' style, St Mary's combines perpendicular gothic and renaissance classical detailing in an exuberant whole which gives a sense os space and light. Recent developments in the churchyard and environs of the building have given the exterior added dignity.


The Day Thou Gavest
John Ebdon reflects on journey's end

From See to shining C
Paul Noble on the joys of life in the 'C' stream

Getting it Straight
Geoffrey Kirk tries to summarize some recent events in the Church of England

Quo Vadis?
Michael Heidt on the future of American orthodoxy

Familiar frailties
John Richardson on some urgent lessons from the Evangelical Past

Christian Unity and 'Boundless Trust in Christ'

Uncertain Provisions

GCSE failures
John Edmonson on General Curriculum and Scriptural Education

Monastic foundations
Anne Gardom goes on a Benedictine pilgrimage

Mary and John
Patrick Henry Reardon on a significant relationship


Team Spirit? by Geoffrey Kirk

Divided we fall
Robbie Low on 'sola scriptura' and the privatization of the faith

Teaching Preaching
by Chris Idle

Faith of our Fathers
Successors of the apostles

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
The Death of the Father

Synod Insider
Gerry O'Brien on domestic violence and smacking the clergy

Letter from America
Michael Heidt on getting out or staying in and getting on with it

Letter from Australia
Falling apart and coming together

Just War Theory
by Luke Millar

Book Reviews
Bishop Holloway wields the knife once more

Training on the Read
Francis Gardom on a useful Saturday's work

Media Watch
George Austin on love and war

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