The John Richards Memorial Appeal Update Report

The JR Memorial Appeal is pleased to announce the award of the first two grants from the Appeal as follows:–

£200 to the Church of the Holy Cross, Marsh Farm, Luton towards the purchase of a ‘constant water boiler’ to improve the service which they offer at their Thursday Market Refreshments. From the beginning of the estate they have offered this service to stall-holders and shoppers. The church hall proves a very popular venue and provides a quiet, friendly place to rest, meet friends and have a chat.

£150 to St Alban, Romford to support their work of Mission through artistic enterprises, which includes an Artist-in-residence working with Primary and Secondary children, Visual Arts and Music Festivals hosted by the church, besides A-level Art classes in Observational Drawing. The Grant will be used to assist with artists’ expenses and materials and in providing hospitality and refreshments.

We are delighted to assist with these requests and invite other parishes to apply for project-grants designed to further their progress towards becoming Centres of Excellence as +JR was continually encouraging us to be.

Please write for an application form to:

The Hon. Secretary, Cost of Conscience
79 Maze Hill, London SE10 8XQ

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