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Saint John the Evangelist Church was founded in 1875, when members of the Saint Stephen's Guild of Trinity Church Newport, decided to start a mission in the Point section of Newport. The new mission held its first service on Sunday, July 11, 1875. From its earliest days, S. John's offered traditional Anglican worship to persons of all races. It was the first Episcopal church on Aquidnecl Island to celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday, and its founders included several African-Americans. The present building was made possible when Miss Sarah Titus Zabriskie inherited a vast sum from her mother, Sarah Jane Titus Zabriskie. She funded the construction of a new sanctuary to be built of brownstone in the style of an English parish church of the 13th century. St John's was the first parish in North America to affiliate with Forward in Faith UK.


The confusion deepens
The Civil Partnership Bill moves to the Commons

It began with lunch
Sam Philpott on the Shadow Working Party on Women Bishops

A Breakdown of Trust
Hugh Baker on more government less society

Into the Net? Geoffrey Kirk reflects on the Network and FiF North America

Ghostly Counsel
by Andy Hawes

Cardinal and creation
John Richardson on sex, scripture and the Roman response

Bidding for a Cloistered Cell

Clutching at Straws
by GK

Mission impossible?
John Edmondson on the gospel taught, caught or sold short?

Ladies Errant
A Celebration of Womanly Enterprise and Adventure

The gifts that remain
Patrick Henry Reardon on the ultimate inheritance tax

Faithful & Orthodox
by Peter Toon

More of the Same

The Long Goodbye
Robbie Low on love and friendship in a time of trial

A Question of Allegiance
by GK

Faith of our Fathers
Basilean Exhortations to Unity

Children at risk!
Reality versus PC
by Francis Gardom

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Change and Decay

Synod Insider by Gerry O'Brien
What price stewardship?

Letter from America
Michael Heidt on a tragic game with profound consequences

Letter from Australia
David Chislett surveys the gathering realignment

Book Reviews
Some good science and bad philosophy

In a time of decision
Fr Peter on the annual conference of orthodox religious

Media Watch
George Austin on a dangerous industry

FiF Update

New Directions Directory

Update on the Bishop John Richards Memorial Appeal


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