One of the great words of the Church is Orthodoxy, Orthodox. In the English language of everyday use, orthodox is not an inspiring word. It is used to describe what is usual, normal, predictable, ordinary. To discover and recognise its greatness, we have to go back to its beginnings. Like almost all the Great Words of the Church, it comes from the Greek language. From two ancient Greek words : orthos - meaning right or correct; and doxa - meaning glory.

So the Church uses Orthodoxy in the sense of giving God His Right Glory. We give God His Right Glory if we proclaim Him as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Most Blessed and Undivided Trinity. This is Orthodoxy. It is Orthodoxy that opens us to the power of God, admits the Holy Spirit into our lives.

Orthodoxy is the "Way, the Truth and the Life", as Jesus said of Himself. It celebrates and proclaims the Right Glory of the One God. Orthodoxy is, in a very special way, the life of the Church. To turn aside from Orthodoxy, to fail to give God the Holy Trinity His Right Glory, is to cut yourself off from the Truth and the Life, to lose the way. To become lost in the lie and encounter death. Because it is the lie that leads to death, false teaching, that which is not orthodox, is the delight of the Devil and his fallen angels in every age.

The supernatural powers of darkness, at war with the angels of the Good God in each generation, delight in nurturing false teaching. The history of the Church is very much the chronicle of the rise of false teaching, that which we call heresy, and its consequent downfall. Because it is the lie that brings death, heresy cannot survive, because the life of the Church is Orthodoxy, the way and the truth.

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