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Our cover illustration is of Veit Voss's Angelic Salutation, one of the most beautiful examples of German Renaissance sculpture, commissioned in 1517 for St Lorenz, Nuremberg. As the religious climate of Germany changed and the city embraced Lutheranism (1525), the sculpture was endangered by the wave of iconoclasm which swept the city. It was saved by its close association with the wealthy Tocher family which had commissioned it. A cover was made for it, which was occasionally removed for display to distinguished visitors, and not permanently removed until the middle of the nineteenth century.



Deliberate confusion?
Nicholas Turner takes the conspiracy theorists' perspective

Heaven on earth
Andy Hawes on the mourning after

A love hymn from God
Father Peter on a spiritual phenomenon

Queen Anne's Bounty
George Austin on the changing financial lot of the clergy

Ghostly Counsel
by Andy Hawes

Gudwara for Them?
Hugh Baker on multicultural mayhem

What is an Evangelical?
Christopher Idle is one of them

Christe eleison

Message from Our Lord through Vassula Rydén

Wright Wrong

My God, are you there?
John Ebdon on intelligence of the infinite

Love me tender
Alan Edwards worships the King

A Sea of Faces
Anne Gardom visits a remarkable exhibition in London's East End

Doris Day Dreams
Patrick Henry Reardon on depressing determinism

Women Bishops
Stuart Seaton assesses 'The Call'

Knowing me knowing you

B****** B******* C*******
Robbie Low on Jerry Springer and all that

Faith of our Fathers
The Mystery and Disaster of Life

Is she is or is she ain't?

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
The mystery of the missing Messiah

Synod Insider
Gerry O'Brien on a curious correspondence

Letter from America
Michael Heidt on words without meaning

Letter from Australia
Funeral rites and wrongs

Book Reviews
Robin Eames, René Girard, Robert Hawker

It could be you
Arthur Lewis advertises a winning little number

Media Watch
George Austin on ceasing to be human

FiF Update

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Update on the Bishop John Richards Memorial Appeal

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