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MARCH 2005




Our cover illustration is St Peter in Tears by El Greco, one of a number of paintings for Toledo cathedral and its sacristy commissioned around 1600 by Diego da Castilla, the Dean, or Garcia de Loaysa, the cathedral warden and future arcyhbishop. Sets of Apostolados seem to have been part of Domenico's stock in trade at this time. The set in the sacristy at the cathedral is matched by a similar set now in the Casa El Greco in the same city. None of these other works, however, has the emotional content and psychological perception of this representation of Peter at the very moment when awareness his his betrayal has moved him to grief and repentance. The intensity of the painting is the more remarkable considering what is known of the tempestuous relationship between the artist and his patrons on this and other contemporary commissions


New Directions

Grace Abounding?
Geoffrey Kirk on the parting of the ways

The Central Line
Jonathan Baker on the beauty of orthodoxy

A Fatal Disorder
Robbie Low on corporate moral schizophrenia

Ghostly Counsel
by Andy Hawes

On the Offensive
Francis Gardom plucks a leaf from Clausewitz

Pilgrim's Progress
Bill Bromley revisits the Holy Land

Towards Easter

Unity Weak

Blue Sky Thinking
Shaun Richards looks up, looks out and looks forward

Mona Lisa Simile
Alan Edwards pursues the illuminati

'Open thou our lips'

Turkish Delight
Anne Gardom sees Jesus in a kaftan

Font and Fast
Patrick Henry Reardon on the preparation for the Pasch

Vale Churchill
Tony Kilmister recalls the Valiant Years

Male mothers and female fathers

Bolton Wanderer
Stuart Seaton catches the Bishop in an offside position

Faith of our Fathers
Keep the Faith by Arthur Middleton

Which one this morning?
John Hunwicke revisits three great Anglican Liturgists of the twentieth century

Friend of Foe

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Vegans, viragos and other vagaries

Synod Insider
Gerry O'Brien on an elusive commodity

Letter from America
Michael Heidt asks: more bishops less unity?

Letter from Australia
Murray crosses Rubicon

Book Reviews

Flying for Life in Sumatra
The Tsunami angels of mercy

Media Watch
A sniper's charter: George Austin on vulnerable vicars

FiF Update

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Update on the Bishop John Richards Memorial Appeal

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