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APRIL 2005




In this leaf from a fifteenth century codex in the library of the Real Colegiata de San Isisdoro in Leon, the Risen Christ presents to His Father the instruments of the passion and shows his wounds. The subject is unique to Spanish iconography. Most examples are to be found in manuscript illuminations.


Texas Riposte

Comfortless Covenant
Geoffrey Kirk wonders if there was any point to the Texas statement

Common Tenure
Introducing the Review of Clergy Terms of Service: Part Two

Stand together
A member of Reform finds hope in the recent discussions with FiF

No knock out
We must recognize the lack of symmetry in the current debate

Two into One
From Anglo-Saxon elopement to royal re-marriage

Not so good
What might be real cost to the 'code of practice' solution?

I don't wish to know that!

The Age of the Adjective
by Chris Idle

The Bitter Cry
A recent church survey may not be what it claims

Together joyful
Finding joy and faithfulness in despondency

by Geoffrey Kirk

The Final Years
Anne Gardom on Caravaggio an artist of darkness and light

Folly to be Wise?
Patrick Henry Reardon on fidelity to Scripture

Glory Bound
Alan Edwards shares a dream and hopes for the future

Man abolished
John Richardson takes another look at C.S. Lewis's wartime lectures

AD 2010
by AS

Round One
Margaret Laird offers a laywoman's thoughts from the gallery of Church House

Faith of our Fathers
This was the word of the Lord? by Arthur Middleton

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Offering a helping hand to the liberal agenda

Synod Insider
Gerry O'Brien gives a clear outline of the women bishps running order

Letter from America
Theone who slipped through by Auburn Traycik

Letters from Australia

Book Reviews

Teach me
John Twisleton gives us a run-through on readily available Christian apologetic

Media Watch
George Austin on Warriors and shepherds: David Hope's retirement as Archbishop

FiF Update


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Update on the Bishop John Richards Memorial Appeal

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