Trushare Files  No. 120



MAY 2005



Stand Up for Jesus! In Low Week, the Society of the Holy Cross Celebrated its 150th anniversary. Edwin Barnes, former Bishop of Richborough, took part in all five days and found much to enjoy and remember
Totus tuus
Simon Ellis followed the funeral of Pope John Paul II on television on Friday 8 April, and was much moved by it and how it spoke to the millions who were watching
A lasting legacy
John Hunwicke on the lasting consequences, especially for Anglicans, of the pontificate of John Paul II, and the unapologetic proclamation of the Gospel which characterised his teaching
Synod insider
Gerry O'Brien has a cunning plan to extend the period of reception
Ghostly Counsel
Lord of all ages
Pope Benedict XVI
The Bishop of Fulham had the good fortune on a visit to Rome to meet Cardinal Ratzinger and is much encouraged by his election to the highest office in the Church
Fateful secretaries
George Austin argues that the crisis now facing the Church of England had its origins more than fifty years ago. Tracing the development of this crisis, he begins this month in the early 1950s
A Second Pentecost by Father Peter CSWG
Going, going, gone
The big issue
Women bishops? As an issue, is it absolutely crucial or merely trivial? Other peope's answer to this question will have a considerable influence on how it is debated, as David Nicholl explains
The numbers game
Gracious patriarchy
Geoffrey Kirk, a member of the working party which produced Consecrated Women? reflects on the emerging perception of patriarchy no longer a mere symbol of oppression but the vihicle of God's graciousness towards us
Ah! freshness
Andy Hawes goes mission-shaped
Faith of our fathers
Arthur Middleton on 'Christ's presence with his ministers'
The way we live now
'Books Do Furnish a Room': Geoffrey Kirk goes whimsical after a visit from a rational archdeacon and repudiates too logical an argument
30 days
Icon or idol?
Hugh Baker was not distracted by the royal wedding on 9 April. In today's open world, where no secrets are hidden from our gaze, it was impossible that it should fulfil its iconic role
Australia, America, Wales, and back to Australia again
An arrogant fool
Patrick Henry Reardon is a Senior Editor of Touchstone: a Journal of  Mere Christianity
Arts, books, other reviews
Arts, books, theatre and endpiece
Freehold in freefall
Jonathan Redvers Harris on the English Clergy Association
Black out
Once upon a time you knew what to expect when confronted with a clergyman. Nowadays those old expectations and certainties have gone for ever. Alan Edwards ponders the changing dress codes
Touching place Church of SS Peter & Paul, Salle
Forward in Faith update
Last chronicle
Directory of all UK Forward in Faith Parishes
New Directions Parish Directory


'Upholding the Faith once delivered to the Saints'

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