Trushare Files  No. 121



June 2005



Are five consecutive pages on Pope Benedict a bit too much for a single issue? Of course not. Take them, if you wish, as a symptom of the excitement at the election of so fine a theologian to the Church’s highest office. An excitement which is being shared with many other Christians across the world. It is as though Benedict XVI, by his decades of service, his powerful writing and formidable reputation, is setting before us a higher standard. We do not, yet, know what he will say and do during his pontificate; but we share already this renewal of respect for and interest in Theology, Queen of Sciences. For an editorial board such as ours that is an unexpected bonus.

Explaining Benedict Paul Richardson, Assistant Bishop of Newcastle, has read deeply in Cardinal Ratzinger’s writings and ponders his likely impact now that he is Pope
Sore Losers
Mark Stevens on why Ratzinger’s opponents were so upset at his election to the papacy
Exciting times ahead
John Hunwicke a priest from Devon, reflects further on Pope Benedict’s theology
Communion Discipline
Looking beyond York
Sam Philpott Prebendary of Exeter Cathedral and Vicar of St Peter’s, Plymouth, lays out the General Synod timetable for women bishops
A crumbling edifice George Austin discerns the early undermining of episcopacy back in the Fifties
DEVOTIONAL ‘In my Father’s house are many rooms’
A nice guy Anthony Saville reflects on the first generation lapsed
A useful contradiction

David Nicholl hopes to exploit the inherent contradiction of proponents of women bishops

What’s next

Geoffrey Kirk considers the next surprise offered up by the liberal agenda

45 for starters

Martin Hislop takes a look at the Queen’s Speech and the government’s legislative programme


Anselm and Julian
The Way We Live Now
What I want: moderate desires
30 days

Europe of the Faith

Simon Heans questions the EU Constitution on its support for life issues



Australia: Philip Murphy, Vicar of St Mark’s, Fitzroy, on age and prime ministers

America: Michael Heidt on life and the nature of the law

Canada: Sue Careless on developments in New Westminster


The Three Stages

Patrick Henry Reardon is a Senior Editor of Touchstone: A journal of Mere Christianity

Arts, Books and other Reviews

George Austin on Thomas More
Peter Ernest on London theatre 24

Anne Gardom on Seville’s Fine Art Museum

Paget Gore on Stainer’s Crucifixion

 N.T. Wright’s Scripture
David Edward’s Poets and God

End-piece On plates and bowls


David Chislett announces his removal from his parish in Australia
Wish you were here?
Alan Edwards is in holiday mood
Church-hopping Heaven meets earth Abbey Dore in Herefordshire


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