Trushare Files  No. 122



July 2005



The image of Our Lady of the Victory of Malaga is by the Potosi painter Luis Nino (fl. 1716–1758). The image uses various traditional Inca motifs. When the viewer links the crescent moon at the Virgin's feet to the vertical lines above it, the resulting form takes on the profile of an Inca ceremonial knife (tumi). It is also thought to resemble the shape of ceremonial pins work by Inca princesses.



Receiving Mary


Martin Warner, Canon Pastor of St Paul’s Cathedral and former Priest Administrator at Walsingham, gives an initial assessment of the recent ARCIC report

Awaiting judgement

The Panel of Reference will face many hard cases for its adjudication We suggest two, from the southern hemisphere, that will soon be requiring their attention

GHOSTLY COUNSEL Learning the piano
Choosing consonants

Mark Stevens considers the unexpected consequence of the 1992 phrase ‘consonant with Scripture’

All you need is love


George Austin on the impact of Bishop John Robinson’s Honest to God

Joy at a birth


Jonathan Baker has a soft spot for teenage, unmarried mums, especially those who were victims of a recent media frenzy


The Pietists’ love

What do we want?

David Nicholl on calling for a new province

Trying again and again

Geoffrey Kirk on re-receiving the notion of reception

Cardinals fighting

John Hunwicke discusses the nature of the Church in the light of a high profile  disagreement some years ago

The Way We Live Now

Current interest in the Crusades

Vote, vote, vote

Gerry O’Brien a lay representative for Rochester  Diocese, explains the rules of the forthcoming General Synod elections

30 days



AMERICA Michael Heidt on fruit logic

AUSTRALIA Philip Murphy on Big Brother

DENMARK The case of Pastor Grosbøll

ENGLAND Anglican Mainstream on civil partnerships


The Three Stages

Patrick Henry Reardon is a Senior Editor of Touchstone: A journal of Mere Christianity

Arts, Books and other Reviews


Rufus Wainwright’s Want Two


Robin Ellis on The Birthday Party


England’s Nazareth





Bishop Andrew Burnham on liturgy

Robin Ward on Rowan Williams and Church

Rowan William’s Why study the past?

Richard King on Basil Hume

Endpiece Of a gentleman’s apparel


True devotion?

Edward Baty reflects on the Marian shrine of Medjugorje and the scrutiny of the apparitionS
Name that diocese

John Higginbotham on a forthcoming General Synod motion that will really make a difference



Diocesan Directory
New Directions Parish Directory

In the March issue of New Directions, an article in 30 Days suggested that the Revd Christina Beardsley, prior to her sex change, had conducted same-sex liturgies in the parish of which she was then vicar.

The Revd Beardsley has pointed out that this was never the case, and we are happy to set the record straight, and offer a full and sincere apology for any embarrassment which may have been caused to her as a result of this.


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