Trushare Files  No. 124



September 2005





Going forward


As the Church of England nears its next crossroads, Christopher Hill, the Bishop of Guildford, speaking in a personal capacity (and offering no clues as to the conclusions of the Guildford Group) considers the context within which provision will be made for those who cannot accept women bishops

Blessings of silence

Nicholas Turner on why a civil partnership church blessing would be not merely illegal or inappropriate but impossible

What did they mean?

Gerry O’Brien is not happy with the House of Bishops’ pastoral statement on the Civil Partnership Act, and much prefers Archbishop Akinola’s straight speaking

Gracious patriarchy?


Margaret Laird former Church Commissioner, appreciates Archbishop Benson’s unexpectedly generous and unpatronizing attitude to women

Broken asunder


George Austin continues his study of the roots our current crises by looking back to the debate in the Sixties over marriage and divorce, and how the CofE took the wrong turning

Why worry?

Richard Simons goes from don’t-give-a-damn to outright panic after reading last month’s ND

What do they want?

David Nicholl argues that it will be the liberals who will be asking for a new province

When will they ever learn?

Geoffrey Kirk enjoys the recent Diocese of Southwark centenary history as the best practical means of getting what they want

The Catholic ‘party’

Aidan Nichols OP noted Roman Catholic scholar, gives a fresh perspective on the rise and fall of Anglo-Catholicism, and the hopes and fears of an Anglican Uniate church

God’s priestly fool

A Parish Priest necessarily remaining anonymous, shares his painful experience of adjusting his priestly vocation to his mental illness , not without some telling remarks on the current state of the church

Before Da Vinci

Simon Heans Vicar of St Barnabas, Beckenham, on the precursors to Dan Brown’s bestseller, and other related nonsense and conspiracy theories from a century earlier

30 days




Douglas LeBlanc gives a sympathetic portrait of Archbishop Peter Akinola



Bright Sonani, correspondent for The Nation, on the recent episcopal election



Philip Murphy on the portrayal of the church in Neighbours

Arts, Books and other Reviews


John Grainger on Guys and Dolls


Nelson and Napoleon at Greenwich


Pope Benedict’s Way of the Cross

Joseph Murphy-O’Connor’s Paul: his story

Solrunn Nes’ Mystical Language of Icons

Michael Faber’s The Fahrenheit Twins

On proms and promming


The joint is jumpin

Alan Edwards antiquarian bookseller in Kent, wants to be an enthusiast, but is not at all sure how to go about it

GHOSTLY COUNSEL Dealing with dislike
DEVOTIONAL The urgent work of prayer
FAITH OF OUR FATHERS Defence of the common faith
The Way We Live Now Male-female differences
Patrick Reardon Love of the world
TOUCHING PLACE St Peter’s, Brooke




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