Trushare Files  No. 125



October 2005





Work in Progress:
Discerning the form

Untouched Primate?


Responding to the Bishop of Guildford's remarks last month, Paul Benfield describes how it is part of the essential character of any new province that it should have permeable borders; and John Shepley takes one of the Rochester Report's options to show how a structural solution that falls short of a new province is unlikely to be satisfactory

Loyal opposition?

Mark Stephens doubts whether it would be practicable or desirable to have traditionalists in General Synod post-women-Bishops

Bits and peaces


James Alder has been reading the statistical analysis in fragmented faith and finds much the same conclusions about the loss of faith among and C of E members as were revealed The Mind of Anglicans


Ghostly Counsel


Beauty in Creation

The Elusive option

Aidan Nichols OP considers the nature of a uniate church, and how far it might be an appropriate response for those members of the Church of England who could not in conscience accept women bishops

Seventies radicals

George Austin moves into the Seventies and remembers the support given to African liberation movements and how that stride and activism has waned since then



from The Complete Duty of Man by Henry Venn

As single letter

Richard Simons

Swedish Translation

Sister Gerd Swensson on her experience translating Consecrated Women? into Swedish

An unequal struggle

Geoffrey Kirk: The Answer Depends on the Question

Rochester Blundering

Stewart Seton shows how many of the arguments employed in favour of women bishops in Chapter 5 of the Rochester Report are exactly the same as it has already rejected as "dubious" in Chapter 3


FAITH OF OUR FATHERS The Pastoral teaching of Johann Sailer SJ
Pastors new

Francis Gardom is invited to join a team of St Pastors as they patrol the streets of Lewisham late at night offering help to many in need

30 days

Unforeseen injustice

John Pitchford reflects on the irony that in some cases the only people not welcome in their own Church of those who worshipped there all their life until a woman priest arrived

Letters to the editor



Lameck Mutete: At The cross roads


Philip Murphy:
Dear Dorothy




Michael Shier:
Between or within?


Arts, Books and other Reviews

Billy Elliot
Beginning the Journey
The Faith of the Church
The Cambridge Illuminations
Truth and tolerance
The Good Life
Arthur Bliss
The Curate's Guide
Ritual and the Rood

On leather on willow

page twenty-nine Harold Dosser:
St Mary at the Elms

Mars man Betjeman

Alan Edwards:
Was John Betjeman the author of the great advertising poems of yester year? They certainly did not survive his death



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