Trushare Files  No. 126



November 2005





Locked out!

Open questions


Leaks that have come out from the House of Bishops and the Guildford Group only serve to underline how all their work on a structural solution is being done behind closed doors. Stephen Marsden warns them it is a most foolish and un-English way of doing things. Anthony Saville opens up the discussion with a list of possible questions

It's all in a word

Mark Stephens. Fair-minded opponents think they understand our position: it is often the smallest little words that betray them. There is a failure to grasp the lack of symmetry in the opposing positions.

Election analysis


Gerry O'Brien assesses the likely voting patterns of the newly elected General Synod, especially the House of Laity, whose election addresses he has been carefully reading. The views expressed are more open than one might suppose


Serving all my days


An Ordinand, who must remain anonymous in these days of subtle persecution, gives a personal reflection on why he is looking forward to serving in a new province and in what way it will be free.


Francis Gardom reminds us of the responsibility of Christian stewardship, to ensure that we do not die intestate.

Valuable intolerance

Hugh Baker commends the apparently intolerant attitude of the French government

Flickering symbols

Geoffrey Kirk is amused by the excessive use of church candles in TV whodunits

Long live the Queen

John Thurmer shows how valuable the royal supremacy will prove when there is the need for a new province

New offence? New law

Lord Mackay of Clashfern, Patron of the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship, expresses his grave misgivings concerning the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill

The battle within

Simon Heans disagrees with two interpretations of the conflict between Islam and the West

First find an altar

John Burrows on the problems of finding a midweek Eucharist


Faith of our Fathers Bishop Lancelot Andrewes
Prophets divided

Andrew Starkie. A reminder of the radically different approaches to the issue of those who argue in favour of women bishops

30 days

Franz Bibfeldt

Alan Edwards on the theologian of compromise

Letters to the editor



Philip Murphy:
Bargains galore


David McCarthy:




Lee Pen:
Archbishop William Levada



Arts, Books and other Reviews

Why I am still a Catholic
Anglican Papalism
Glory Descending
The Art of God
Christ our Light
The Worlds We Live In
God's Advocates
The Intercessions Handbook
Glory in Our Midst
Touching Place St Mary, Stow



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