Trushare Files  No. 127



December 2005


James Rosenthal lay canon and press officer (or rather St Nicholas himself) outside Canterbury Cathedral. Founder of the St Nicholas Society (English Speaking Branch) in 2001, his hope is to 'reclaim Santa'. 'St Nicholas' original identity needs another chance to capture the hearts and minds of people in England, USA and all over the globe'.




Stop, look, listen

Jonathan Baker finds clear and helpful thinking in the Response to the Rochester Report from the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales
'We don't do schism'
John Heidt urges us not to worry if the Anglican Communion falls apart, for it was only ever a human construct with no ecclesiological substance

The cost of deceit

Nicholas Turner warns that a heavy price will one day have to be paid for the deliberate deceit contained in the Civil Partnership Act which comes into force on St Nicholas' Day

Keeping the college

Stuart Seaton: any structural solution short of a new province will fatally compromise the college of bishops

Unity by ambiguity

George Austin reflects on the ecumenical debates of the Eighties

A-hunting we will go

Andy Hawes: Against all expectations hunting has not been banished in this country

Cultural sin?

Geoffrey Kirk on the value of Victorian hymn books

The management rule

Margaret Laird: Management consultants are now studying the Rule of St Benedict

The holy crib

Arthur Middleton on the real purpose of a Christmas crib

Cur Deus vir?

Geoffrey Kirk on the significance of the maleness of the incarnation, and why the modern minimalist approach is completely wrong
Traditional morality Jane Gore-Booth: a new province must have traditional morality and traditional Holy Orders
Good Beer Guide Alan Edwards on twelve pubs for next year
In anticipation Stephen Cope: Celebrate festivals when they fall



Ghostly counsel

Christ in Christmas

Devotional Philipp Jacob Spener
Patrick Reardon What is handed over?
Touching Place La CathÚdrale de St Bertrand

30 days

FiF Update
Last Chronicle



Australia Philip Murphy on Princess bishop
America Paul Hewitt on Anglican identity
Sweden Gerd Swensson on Marriage revolt

Arts, Books and other Reviews


Rubens at the National Gallery

The creativity of Listening Faith in Europe
Dorothy Day's writings United Stories
Elizabeth the Queen Mother Landsailer
What the Bible Really Teaches Constantinople
In Defence of Christianity Exploring Reality




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