Trushare Files  No. 129



February 2006



Room for improvement

Fr Paul Benfield, Member of the FiF Legal Working Party, offers an initial response to the proposals of the Guildford Report. By devising an option that was not one of the Rochester Report’s seven, they have given the Church of England a great deal more work still to be done





Listening to friends

John Macquarrie

Lady Margaret Professor-Emeritus from Oxford, takes note of what the Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops of England and Wales has said in response to Rochester

Constrained to speak

Lindsay Urwin ogs

The Bishop of Horsham is saddened by the implications of the Guildford Report

Wonder woman?

John Richardson

sees little evidence of Evangelicals finding scriptural support for women priests

Prophet's sad death

George Austin

continues his account of the Crockford’s Preface of 1987 and Fr Gary Bennett’s suicide


Francis Gardom

on virtues versus values

The inner struggle

Simon Heans

on our misunderstanding of the purpose of the crusades

Mission-shaped stone

Robert Beaken

shares a fresh expression of church from a small rural community

Honourable ditherer?

Nigel Elbourne

explains why he intends to sit  tight and be obstructive

The evangelical 'no'

Gerry O’Brien

maintains that General Synod has no need to hasten towards women bishops

The danger is real

Thomas Lindsay

insists we must make it perfectly clear that we are serious, and if needs be we will leave the CofE

Dividing treacle

John Hunwicke

compares the Rochester and Guildford Reports, finding the latter badly deficient in its understanding of the corporate character of a bishop’s office

The democratic cost

Mark Stevens

General Synod’s reliance on models of parliamentary democracy undermines its own authority

Musing on eternity

Paul Griffin

urges his fellow Christians to speak more about life after death

The Rev Green again Alan Edwards

shows us how to solve TV crime drama




Ghostly counsel

Andy Hawes on depression

Devotional Hugh Bates on faithfulness
The way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk on inadequate discussions

Faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on John Cosin and bishops

Patrick Reardon The repentance of King Manasseh
Touching Place

Simon Cotton: St Mary’s, Isle Abbots

30 days

FiF Update
Last Chronicle

Book reviews



Earthly Powers: Religion and politics in Europe from the French Revolution to the Great War

What is the point of being a Christian?

The Terror: Civil war in the French Revolution

Holy Terror

Wisdom from Above

Lifelong Learning: theological education and supervision

Latinised Hymns

Benedict XVI and Cardinal Newman

Greek Monastery Cooking




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