Trushare Files  No. 130



March 2006



Go forward in hope

The Rt Revd Martyn Jarrett, Bishop of Beverley, was one of the principal speakers at the Forward in Hope gathering in Westminster on 28 January. In his speech, he outlined the Guildford Report’s proposal for Transferred Episcopal Arrangements, and gave a forceful analysis of where they fall short of what will be required





The future present

Emma Forward: An abridged text of her powerful speech at Forward in Hope

Evangelical futures

Conservative evangelicals have made no coherent plans for finding their own bishops if the CofE proceeds to the
ordination of women bishops; they must wake up and act fast

Deus Caritas est

Simon Heans describes the Benedictine
Augustinianism of Pope Benedict’s first encyclical and the new term ‘compenetration’

Growing intolerance

George Austin looks back at the 1992 vote
and reflects on the growing intolerance since then

A singular agenda

Jonathan Redvers Harris takes grave exception to a recent circular from the General Register Office

Unworthier than thou?

Christopher Idle on worshipping in other churches

Cracking the code

Simon Heans confused Forward in Hope with a recent bestseller and started reading the signs

Mudflat theology

Simon Ellis finds an ecological analogy for
the forthcoming deliberations of General Synod, as he remembers the wading birds of Cardiff

Preventing the crash

Stuart Seaton made his first visit to General Synod to hear the debate on TEA and was encouraged by what he heard

Called to ordination

Andrew Burnham Bishop of Ebbsfleet, on vocations to the sacred ministry in the present climate of uncertainty and the type of ministry they might expect to find

A bill to kill

Hugh Baker is deeply angry about the Euthanasia Bill as it progresses through Parliament

Fighting the devil

Alan Edwards on Ultimate Christian Wrestling and a more sedate alternative



Ghostly counsel Andy Hawes on the enemy
Devotional A priest on Our Lord’s temptations
The way we live now Geoffrey Kirk on ‘I’ll be thinking of you’

Faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on Catholic order
Patrick Reardon The wickedness that scandalizes pagans
Touching Place Simon Cotton on Thaxted Church

30 days

FiF Update
Last Chronicle


James Seagrove: Dissolving marriage
Australia Philip Murphy: Rudolph’s antlers
America Auburn Traycik: Episcopal exemplar




Walled about with God
The Resurrection of Jesus
Aquinas on Scripture
The World of Catholic Renewal
The Spirit of Anglican Devotion

Henry Fuseli at Tate Britain

O: Stravinsky Project Part 1




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