Trushare Files  No. 132



May 2006


 The Ascension, fresco by Giotto, 13051310 in the Arena Chapel, Padua, Italy





LEAD STORY: The Guildford Brief

Fr James Patrick, Honorary Assistant Priest of All Saints with St John, Clifton, Barrister and Recorder of the Crown court, on the FiF Lawyers' group response to the TEA proposals, revealing how many more questions remain to be asked

Lost control

ROBIN WARD Canon Theologian of Rochester Diocese, on Lambeth Conference statements on birth control

Brothers together

JOHN HUNWICKE parish priest from Devon, considers the proclamation of collegiality at the heart of the ordination service

Sharing the vision

DR C. K. TAN offers some encouragement
as an Evangelical member of General Synod

Doing the business?

BISHOP PETE BROADBENT speaking from many years' experience makes some trenchant comments on the boards and councils and process of the Church of England arguing that a new province
is still a real possibility

Truth infallible

PAUL GRIFFIN is no fan of papal infallibility but finds it more palatable
than many of the alternatives

Lost shepherds

W. N. STANLEY is angry about bishops
and their pastoral care

Faith and power

Faith and power JOHN TURNBULL on a recent report from the Christian Ecology Link

Living more simply

Living more simply ARTHUR MIDDLETON offers a spiritual commitment for Christian Aid Week

Masonic involvement

PAUL HALE on a recent interest in Freemasons & Christians
Decline, fall, hope GEORGE AUSTIN Is there a discernible pattern to what has happened in the Church of England over the past fifty years?
Alistair Bornkamm's stunning new book unearthing a secret that had been hidden for centuries



Ghostly counsel ANDY HAWES on listening
Devotional A parish priest on faith and belief
The way we live now  GEOFFREY KIRK on actions and words
Sacred Vision MARK STEVENS on The Adoration of the Lamb

Faith of our fathers

ARTHUR MIDDLETON in Abp Laud's closet
Patrick Reardon The price of redemption
Touching Place SIMON COTTON on All Saints, Wing, Bucks

30 days

FiF Update
& finally...

America 1

AUBURN TRAYCIK: Pennsylvania bishop
America 2 MICHAEL HEIDT: Pennsylvania church
Australia PHILIP MURPHY: Diocesan websites






ANNE GARDOM: Joseph Michael Gandy


JOHN GRAINGER: The Old Country


Hell and Other Destinations
The Divine Embrace
The Tyrannicide Brief
Dreaming of Spires?
The Sale of the Late King's Goods
Towards a New Priesthood
Crossing Over


The Ascension, fresco by Giotto, 13051310 in the Arena Chapel, Padua, Italy

ENDPIECE On Diaries and Diarists

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