Trushare Files  No. 133



June 2006







1: Spirit of truth

2: Synodical juggernaught


Spirit of truth

The Ven Norman Russell, Archdeacon of Berkshire, argues that in every sphere Christians must develop a richer and more sophisticated understanding of justice than is found in secular culture; so too over the issue of women bishops


Synodical juggernaught

The Rt Revd John Hind, Bishop of Chichester, questions General Synodís capability of understanding authority and offers a solemn warning for its forthcoming deliberations



Sacred Synod North

Paul Benfield gives a brief report of the  recent Sacred Synod of
the northern province

We're 'ere 'cos we're 'ere

Gerry OíBrien objects to Synodís Sir Humphreys

Creation care

Professor Sam Berry former President of Christians in Science, on the  problems of environmental apathy

Spelling it out

Mark Stevens is exasperated by those bishops who cannot understand the nature of their own office

Creating community

Creating community Andrew Burnham wants a more nuanced expression of collegiality at ordination services

Creating a fuss

Creating a fuss John Richardson on the recent squabble over creationism and intelligent design

By their fruits

By their fruits Hugh Baker Are political scandals ever a personal matter?

Liberal ultimatum

Anthony Saville has been reading the recent statement on women bishops from the two leading liberal groups

Opposing reasons

Ernest Skublics does not agree with the inclusive model for the new province
POT: I didn't inhale Simon Ellis looks back on his post ordination training
Obsessions Christopher Idle
A left-footed Bard? George Austin considers the religious sympathies of our greatest dramatist



Ghostly counsel ANDY HAWES on bereavement
Devotional Chris Collins on being a witness
The way we live now  GEOFFREY KIRK on the gender-neutral society
Sacred Vision MARK STEVENS on Piero della Francesca

Faith of our fathers

ARTHUR MIDDLETON on the bishop as the focus of unity
Touching Place SIMON COTTON St Pierre, Aulnay

30 days

FiF Update
Last chronicle


AUBURN TRAYCIK: gives a comprehensive assessment of the forthcoming ECUSA General Convention





ANNE GARDOM: Michelangelo's drawings


ROBIN ELLIS: Bluebeard


The King's Reformation
Shakespeare: the Biography
Lex Orandi Lex Credendi
The English Office Book
Finding Sanctuary




A cheerful email from the Bishop of Willesden, who keeps his sense of humour under all provocation, after our publication of his article on General Synod last month, ĎA spectacular piece of typographical cock-up on the contents page attributes to me the view "that a new Province is a real possibility." Whereas I think you know that my position is along the lines of "when hell freezes over..."!

Hey ho. Definitely one for the archives.í Perfectly true: those lines had slipped down from another quite different article on Synod.

Our grovelling apologies!




ENDPIECE on health and safety grounds



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