Trushare Files  No. 135



August 2006





Cardinal Kasper's address to the House of Bishops of the Church of England




Ending and b04 Jonathan Baker.htmeginning

Jonathan Baker gives an overview and assessment of the two General Synod motions, and the accompanying debate, on women bishops and how to acquire them, and finds himself completely disoriented but not entirely disheartened


Consonant or no?

The Rt Revd Wallace Benn
Bishop of Lewes gives a
quick sketch of the scriptural
argument on the nature
of headship and suggests
that it is a theological
understanding too often
abused or dismissed but not
often adequately answered

Amendments in chief

Mark Stevens
takes apart the three amendments
that were passed in July Synodís
second motion, to see how far
they have hijacked the main
motion and how far they
fulfilled the intentions
of their proposers

Theological argument

The Rt Revd John Saxbee
Bishop of Lincoln, asks
what it is that makes an argument
theological and what criteria
 we should use to weigh
the arguments of others

Be faithful to youth

Chris Daubney
urges the church of his birth to be
fair and positive to those of his
generation who wish to hold
to the faith received

True conversion

Chris Idle
is not so sure about car drivers

The last rites?

George Austin
former Archdeacon of York,
looks back at the July Synod from
the perspective of a Golden Jubilee

Self and sacrifice

Paul Griffin
muses on a remembered example
of heroism and on the philosophical
nature of selfishness


Truth and unity

The Rt Revd Michael Nazir-Ali
Bishop of Rochester, writing in
Daily Telegraph, gives his
impressions of the Episcopal
Churchís General Convention

The new paganism

Hugh Baker
on the pick and choose world
of contemporary paganism, a
different god for every need

Remembering teachers

George Austin
continues his reflections on the
world of William Shakespeare


The Kilnave Cross
a much-weathered early medieval Celtic
cross of Torridonian flagstone in the
churchyard to the west of Loch Guinart
at the north end of the Island of Islay

Photo: Len Black




Ghostly counsel

Andy Hawes on coping with abortion


Bishop Noel Jones
on St Dominic

Patrick Reardon

Human nature can be changed by God

The way we live now  THE WAY WE LIVE NOW

Geoffrey Kirk on the influence of museums

Sacred Vision

Simon Heans on the Wilton Diptych

Faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on misconceived development

Touching Place

Simon Cotton on St John the Baptist, Kingís Norton

30 days

FiF Update
Last chronicle

America 1

The Bishop of Fort Worth:
on seeking alternative primatial oversight

America 2

Michael Heidt:
asks where was the Holy Spirit in the General Convention




23    ART

Anne Gardom: Rebels and Martyrs

23    MUSIC

John Grainger: Johnny Cash

24    books

Walking to Emmaus
The Breaking Point
In This Sign Conquer
As Pilgrims Progress
In a Monastery Library
Dead Sea Scrolls
When I Meet God



Sermon Salad: 
an Hors d'oeuvre 
of over three hundred homilies
for many occasions


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