Trushare Files  No. 136



September 2006





Cardinal Kasper's address to the House of Bishops of the Church of England




Unfolding adventure


CHRISTINA REES, one of England's most well-known spokespersons explains to those of us who disagree why we should not fear change and why opening the episcopate to women will be for the good of the whole church Ė do we are to accept God's invitation to join in the Divine Dance?


A very thin CV

MARK STEVENS finds reasons to be worried at the election of Katherine Schori as Primate of the Episcopal Church

Intimate knowledge

FR GREGORY CSWG offers a different view of the work of the Christian theologian

Who can confirm?

JOHN HUNWICKE on the Easter Vigil rubrics

Devotional Devotional
SSB on the need for contemplative communities
Kasper v. Sentamu ERNEST SKUBLICS takes a look at the Archbishop of Yorkís response to Cardinal Kasperís speech to the House of Bishops
Deadly Holiness PATRICK REARDON The dangerous power of holiness

Headship scriptural

JONATHAN FRAIS, Rector of St Markís, Bexhill, on the biblical foundation of the headship of men

Simple hand gestures

DAVID NICHOL continues the discussion about presbyters laying on hands at ordination services and what this action is understood to mean

The real thing

R.E.V. CARD on the merits of cardboard vicars

Apocryphal reading

ANTHONY GELSTON Emeritus Reader in Theology at Durham University, argues against the CofEís misplaced scruples about reading the Apocrypha

Catholic anarchist

ALAN EDWARDS reminisces on the late Fr Gresham Kirkby

First comes marriage

JENNIFER ROBACK MORSE research fellow at the Acton Institute, offers an American perspective on the right to have a child

Good egg emperor HUGH BAKER continues his jeremiad against the insidious effects of paganism
Objective subjective

STUART SEATON accuses the Bishop of Lincoln of an error of logic

Friend and neighbour

GEORGE AUSTIN continues his reflections on the world of William Shakespeare




Ghostly counsel

Andy Hawes on struggling with anxiety

The way we live now  THE WAY WE LIVE NOW
Geoffrey Kirk on Sunday worship
Sacred Vision

Mark Stevens on de la Tourís Magdalen

Touching Place

Simon Cotton on St Johnís, Shobdon

30 days

FiF Update
Last chronicle

America 1

The Bishop of California writing in his diocesan newspaper

America 2

Fr John Heidt replies to the Bishop

America 3 Virtue Online has uncovered some interesting details on the Primate-electís past history
Australia Philip Murphy on loyalty programmes


Anne Gardom: Modigliani

Len Black: Canaletto


Understanding Islam
The Church of Mary Tudor
Letter and Spirit
Making Sense of Generation Y
Shy but not Retiring
Homely Love
Letters from Oxford

Chaos Uncreated


Sermon Salad: 
an Hors d'oeuvre 
of over three hundred homilies
for many occasions


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