Trushare Files  No. 137



October 2006





Cardinal Kasper's address to the House of Bishops of the Church of England




Gently turning the tide


David Houlding and Andy Hawes give their personal assessments of where we find ourselves on the winding path to women bishops. There is both clarity and confusion says Houlding. As the mists clear, says Hawes, the arguments in favour are seeming weaker than ever


The RooT conference

Brother Martin SSF reports on the latest gathering of Anglican traditional religious

Church as communion

Bishop Paul Richardson shows how Cardinal Kasper's exposition of the bishop as focus of unity is entirely consistent with existing Anglican thinking, and cannot be too easily dismissed

Male and female

Joan White on whey women are not sacrificing priests

Tom and Marcus Simon Heans investigates the theology of Professor Marcus Borg, his considerable influence among American Episcopalians and his interesting collaboration with Bishop Tom White
Faith and History Paul Griffin calls for a new appreciation of the role of history in education, and the importance or teaching pupils about the wider picture of historical events
Protestant Veto Nigel Anthony on a continuing thorn in the flesh

Equal and equivalent

Stuart Seaton detects a category error behind the call for equality in the body of Christ

Plain and scriptural

John Shepley is prepared to be persuaded by a positive scriptural argument in favour of women bishops but remains unconvinced that any such case will ever be made


Francis Gardom asks us to take the classical Christian understanding of mystery and imagination more seriously

Justice and equality

Nicholas Turner reflects on a recent case before the European Court of Human Rights

How Scripture argues

Tom Sutcliffe responds to last month's challenge to 'tell us of any positive arguments from Scripture'

Father and son

George Austin on the religious sympathies of Shakespeare's father




Ghostly counsel

Andy Hawes on sex (part one)

The way we live now  THE WAY WE LIVE NOW
Geoffrey Kirk on Betjeman apology
Sacred Vision

Mark Stevens on Jan van Eyck at Autun

Touching Place

Simon Cotton on the saint, John Schorne

30 days

FiF Update
Last chronicle


The Statement from the Primates of the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa

America 2

The Statement from Bishops of The Episcopal Church gathered at Camp Allen



Anne Gardom: Augustus Puginís home


Malcolm Williamsonís choral music



Journey to Easter
In Search of Humanity and Deity
The Beijing Factor
Time to Pray
Who Killed the Bible?
The Homilies
The Spiritual Dimension
Christ Triumphant



Sermon Salad: 
an Hors d'oeuvre 
of over three hundred homilies
for many occasions


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