Trushare Files  No. 139



December 2006





Cardinal Kasper's address to the House of Bishops of the Church of England



LEAD STORY: Peter Anthony draws us back to the heart of the incarnation narrative on which our faith is based and explains why we must trust the given-ness of this revelation and David Nichol urges us to accept everything that has been revealed to us in Christ to the smallest detail


Faith of the fathers Stephen Cope on how we receive the tradition
Bound by Scripture The Rt Revd David Gillett,  puts forward a possible argument from Scripture for women bishops
Call me Father Anthony Saville on how to address a woman priest
Fellow Travelling Simon Heans  examines the former Bishop of Oxford's  views on science in general and on the human embryo in particular
Deliberately Male? Jonathan Baker  looks again at the teaching of E.L. Mascall on the incarnation and our understanding of the person of Jesus
Madonna and child Geoffrey Kirk  on a recent adoption
Our daily bread Hugh Bates  offers and Advent understanding to the Lord's Prayer
Fantasy figures Mark Stevens  on the so-called biblical evidence of women apostles and how to avoid conferring on them a dignity they do not merit
Meaning of mystery Francis Gardom  on the Christian meaning of the word 'mystery'
Provincial planning Christopher Smith  explains the resolution that came from the recent southern Sacred Synod
Timely reminders Sister Mary Michael CHC  has been re-reading Michael Ramsey and finds much that is relevant
Good Beer Guide 2 Alan Edwards  offers a second collection of good pubs around the British Isles
Faith of our Fathers Arthur Middleton on St Vincent of Lérins and development



Ghostly counsel Andy Hawes demon drink
Patrick Reardon Patrick Reardon On the Prophet Isaiah's vision of holiness
Devotional The Bishop of Pontefract on Christmas in life's mess
The way we live now  Geoffrey Kirk on Katharine Jefferts Schori's agenda
Sacred Vision Nicholas Turner on the Benedictional of St Aethelwold
Touching Place Simon Cotton on Most Holy Redeemer, Clerkenwell

30 days

FiF Update

Last chronicle

Letters to the Editor


Australia Philip Murphy on the Bishop of Ballarat
America 1 Gary l'Hommeau on the new agenda under Katharine Schori
America 2 Excerpts from the Presiding Bishop's inaugural address



Robert Southmoor: Velasquez


Times and Seasons
Taking the Long View
Sacred Causes
Firmly I Believe
Sir Ninian Comper


Sermon Salad: 
an Hors d'oeuvre 
of over three hundred homilies for many occasions



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