Trushare Files  No. 140



January 2007

Unfreezing the future

Bishop Edwin Barnes offers
an imaginative ecumenical solution
to the current impasse





Cardinal Kasper's address to the House of Bishops of the Church of England




Edwin Barnes, former Bishop of Richborough, finds inspiration in recent ecumenical initiatives within the Church of England, and suggests that the same approach might be useful for the Anglo-Catholics, both for us and for our opponents; while STUART SEATON responds to Bishop David Gillett's December article rejecting his suggestion that to be equal men and women require undifferentiated or interchangeable roles within the Church


Genesis of Error Geoffrey Kirk responds to the Bishop of Boltonís December article, questioning his interpretation of certain key texts in Genesis and the manner in which Our Lord himself understood them
Necessary truths Stephen Cope on the differences between necessary and unnecessary truths and how we judge between them
Persecuted fathers Arthur Middleton finds inspiration in the Laudians and the manner in which they kept the faith during the dark days of the Commonwealth
Which rite, Father? John Hunwicke warns of difficult choices that will have to be made by many parishes when the new English translation of the Roman Rite is finally published
God's hound Alan Edwards on Elvis Presley the closet Catholic
Papal condemnation Nicholas Lincoln reminds us of earlier papal condemnations of the evil of slavery
Familiar ground  Francis Gardom has been reading a recent study on the stability of the family and the pressures acting towards its fragmentation
Maria immaculata Simon Heans argues for a better appreciation of the importance of Marian apparitions
Rights trump faith?  Andrea Williams on the forthcoming Sexual Orientation Regulations and the implications for Christian groups
 January confusion  Ernest Skublics offers a possible solution to the confusing series of feasts in January, particularly in regard to the Baptism of
More coincidences George Austin discovers more evidence of Catholicism in the life and works of Shakespeare



Ghostly counsel Andy Hawes on dreaming
Patrick Reardon On the nature of creation as revelation
Devotional Crispin Harrison CR on the Presentation
The way we live now Geoffrey Kirk on the recent Ipswich murders and the media's moral response
Sacred Vision Nigel Anthony on St Apollonia
Touching Place Simon Cotton on St Giles, Cheadle

30 days

FiF Update

Last chronicle

Letters to the Editor


America David Virtue on the revolution in Virginia
Malawi The apparent murder of Canon Rodney Hunter
Jerusalem Episcopal financial misconduct?



Anne Gardom: Art for the Nation

Anthony Saville: The Bury Lowrie



Barry Orford: Arnold Bax Violin Sonatas



England's Abbeys

Psalms for Life

The Canons Anglicans in Rome Sovereign


Sermon Salad: 
an Hors d'oeuvre 
of over three hundred homilies for many occasions



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