Trushare Files  No. 156



May 2008

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LEAD STORY Confused debate

Richard Rolands gives a blow by blow account of the key debate in the Church of Wales and its unexpected outcome, the result of folly or arrogance.
Are they serious? John Shepley wonders why the Church in Wales bishops were so determined not to provide adequate provision for the orthodox that they torpedoed their own motion. When a House of Bishops shoots its own proposal in the foot, you have to ask why.


Refusing invitations The Rt Revd Graham James warns that the refusal of some bishops to attend the Lambeth Conference will surely cause damage to the unity of the church
Christianity Lite
Digby Anderson calls for a return to full-bodied religion, and a rejection of the contemporary watered-down and insipid versions of the real thing
Continents and isles

Lee Kenyon on how the Church of England can avoid the tempting trap of becoming isolated from the rest of the Church

Gamaliel principle

Owen Higgs explains existing Synod legislation relevant to the forthcoming debate on women bishops in the Church of England
Cheerful givers Alan Edwards wonders how to encourage more realistic giving by church-goers
Easter triumph
Arthur Middleton looks at the teaching of two bishops on the subject of 'Holy Dying' and finds theological unity in their outlook, spanning the seventeenth and twenty-first centuries
Pension reactions George Austin revisits the current developments in clergy pensions, in light of responses to his previous treatment of the debate , and letters from the Pensions Board itself
Guide me gently Nigel Elbourne asks us to reconsider the church guide as a means of explaining the symbolism present in church design to those who have no experience of its history
Cleansing fire Peter Lyon acknowledges his own fear of the purifying fire of God's cleansing, even as he knows his need of it
Using new brooms Paul Griffin argues that a new appointment is not an opportunity for sweeping aside all that has gone before, and that the past can be respected
Water for Life Victoria Rouse on how funds raised at the Glastonbury Pilgrimage are helping poor communities in Masindi in northern Uganda



Andy Hawes on global prayer


Selections from St Ambrose on Corpus Christi

PATRICK REARDON Faith and history
SACRED VISION Mark Stevens on Sebastiano del Piombo
FAITH OF OUR FATHERS Arthur Middleton on pastoral burnout
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW Geoffrey Kirk on the world of Shannon Matthews
TOUCHING PLACE Simon Cotton on St Etheldreda's, Horley

30 days

FiF Update

Letters to the Editor

Last Chronicle


Magdi Cristiano Allam on his conversion to Christianity

John Richardson on synodical process and the Church in Wales


The news of the election of the first woman bishop in Australia





Cranach at the Royal Academy of Arts



What God hat Wrought

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher

Daily Eucharistic Lectionary

The Realm

In the Eye of the Storm


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