Trushare Files  No. 160



September 2008



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How to be cheerful

In the aftermath of the Synod vote, ANTHONY SAVILLE believes that the situation is not as irredeemably bad as it originally seemed, and outlines the reasons why we should still be hopeful about the future


Brighton rock

Martin Lewes considers the nature of Anglican loyalty and the reasons why so many now feel hurt
A mutual challenge Christina Rees offers a different perspective on the Synod vote in July
Keep calmly faithful An extract from the letter by 14 bishops in the aftermath of the July vote
The true heart Paul Griffin on science, religion and Julian of Norwich
Comfort one another A Sister from Rempstone reflects on the spiritual nature of our present crisis, and how to keep praying
Those reflections John Richardson is critical of the final Reflections that emerged from the Lambeth Conference
Price of meanness David Noble on the lessons to be learned from the history of Britain's overseas territories
Gay and not-so-gay George Austin considers Dr Williams' understanding of gay relationships
Natural chastity Simon Heans examines the contribution of Elizabeth Anscombe to the debate on contraception
Holding steady Tony Davies offers a simple response to the July vote
Last time's warning Bernard Elsdon on the consequences of the 1992 vote
This thing love Paul Griffin on the mutable nature of human love
The best we can get Julian Mann is unimpressed by a suggestion that the Gospel is a means to achieving ambitions
People of God  Andy Hawes on the ongoing important role of the laity in an over-clericalized church
Too successful Francis Gardom considers what success should mean
Women in the Church Ron Crane revisits the arguments on women bishops
Life on Mars 2 Hugh Baker on another of C.S. Lewis's predictions



Andy Hawes on playing and praying


Br Stephen Haws CR on prayer in spite of discouragement

PATRICK REARDON Jonah and the prodigal son
SACRED VISION Nigel Anthony on St Wilgefortis
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW Geoffrey Kirk on the consequences of a liberal bishop changing his mind
TOUCHING PLACE Simon Cotton on the Abbey of St Faith, Conques

30 days

FiF Update

Last Chronicle


The Bishop of Winchester reflects on the Lambeth Conference

The Russian Orthodox Church laments over the decision of the General Synod

Episcopal priests from Fort Worth may be looking at Catholicism

leading on tolerance will the Church of England follow?



Worship as a Revelation 

An Anglican Covenant 

Humanae Vitae Forty Years On 

God, Gays and the Church


Sermon Salad: 
an Hors d'oeuvre 
of over three hundred homilies for many occasions



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