Trushare Files  No. 161



October 2008



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Forward in obedience

With the Forward in Faith National Assembly fast approaching,  

Mark Stevens reviews the key elements of the great debate and considers what practical outcomes we should be working towards as those obedient to the faith received



Bishop Edwin Barnes in his Presidential Address to the Church Union, responds to Christina Rees' article in last months ND 
Reviewing the story Paul Benfield reminds us how earlier legislation for women's ordination made its fitful way through Synod 
Law and freedom  John Richardson on law and justice and Martin Luther 
True justice denied  Sr Anne Williams CA explains why she cannot accept the justice argument in favour of women bishops 
Defeat transformed  Anthony Saville draws inspiration from a poetic account of Anglo-Saxon heroism 
Better imperfections  Peter Lyon looks at imperfections in the Church, and asks who the arbiter of perfection is 
A hidden treasure  Ernest Skublics encourages us to offer our time to God through the contemplative prayer of the Rosary 
Retrieving riches  Arthur Middleton calls upon us to use the resources of our rich Anglican heritage to bring about renewal in the church
Christmas soon here Martin Browning offers a early warning about the pitfalls to avoid in writing cards and round-robins
The Roman Option again Simon Heans revisits the hopes of conversion from the early Nineties
Delusional codes Ronald Crane explains why a Code of Practice offers a solution to a non-existent problem
Alpha and Omega Simon Ellis looks at the reasons for the success of the Alpha course and in particular its appeal for Catholics, highlighting the importance of its local nature and its emphasis on listening  
English gentlemen Digby Anderson tries to identify the unique contribution that English Catholics could make to Roman Catholicism
Life on Mars 3 Hugh Baker concludes his examination of Screwtape's predictions with a look at the dangers of contemporary psychoanalysis



Andy Hawes on times of trial 


Andrew Starkie on fellowship 

PATRICK REARDON  Amazing interpreters 
SACRED VISION  Anthony Saville on Lucas Cranach 
FAITH OF OUR FATHERS  Arthur Middleton on heresy 
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW  Geoffrey Kirk on the Whig interpretation of history 
TOUCHING PLACE  Simon Cotton on Abbaye N. D. du Bec

30 days

FiF Update

Last Chronicle


SWEDEN Fifty years of women priests 

AMERICA 1 Gary L'Hommedieu on the historical fiction of The Episcopal Church 

AMERICA 2 PAT McCAUGHAN on the vote to depose Bp Bob Duncan 

WALES Statement by the Bench of Bishops 



God's Executioner 

God's Candidate 

Let Us Pray Kipling Sahib 

Shakespeare's Wife 

Orwell in Tribune 

I Walked the Line 

The Sixth Lamentation 


Sermon Salad: 
an Hors d'oeuvre 
of over three hundred homilies for many occasions



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