Trushare Files  No. 168



 May 2009



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That problematic ban

Tom Sutcliffe member of Synod and liberal church journalist, asks whether the Church of England is missing the point in its desire to ban the BNP, and whether it may not do more harm than good



Anthony Saville on potential problems with the recent EU Directive and its hopes for legislation on 'multiple discrimination
Faithfully yours  Chris Sugden introduces the programme of events for the July 2009 'Be Faithful' rally and explains the motivation behind it
Finding a Red Tory  Simon Heans finds some commendable ideas in the views of political theologian Phillip Blond and his new take on Toryism
Surfing the bloggers  Ed Tomlinson offers a round-up of the subjects recently tackled by a range of religious blogs and Pope Benedict in particular
Courtesy and breakdown  Paul Griffin wonders about the right course of action when a relationship between two parties comes to an end
Finding a BCP Mass Ernest Skublics on finding an Anglican Catholic liturgical text whether from the Prayer Book or the Missal
Earlier sacrifice Catharine Hind shares something of her own experience on the sacrifice asked of clergy wives fifty years before Sarah Mowbray's
Bible marathons Christopher Idle describes the challenges of setting up a continuous public reading of the entire Old and New Testaments
Stale expressions Julian Mann asks some awkward questions about the Fresh Expressions movement and how it defines itself
Who ordained you? Br Steven CR on the increasing difficulties of telling a real priest from a layman depending on who ordained them
Recession funerals John Lucas makes some inconsequential remarks on those long lists of holidays recited in peoples eulogies
Very modern violence George Austin on some striking parallels between the depiction of the crucifixion and the modern day


GHOSTLY COUNSEL Andy Hawes on holy place
DEVOTIONAL Tony Gelston on Rogation Days
PATRICK REARDON Corporate life
SACRED VISION David Nichol on Altdorfer's Ascension
FAITH OF OUR FATHERS Arthur Middleton on William Laud and Calvinism
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW Geoffrey Kirk on an unlikely controversy about menstruation
TOUCHING PLACE Simon Cotton on St Andrew, Wilmcote

30 days

FiF Update


AMERICA 1 Litigation in Fort Worth

MEXICO Support for Fort Worth

VATICAN Problems with U.S. ambassador

AMERICA 2 Lawyers' paradise in Pittsburgh

ZIMBABWE Pressing charges against police

AMERICA 3 Archbishop Carey speaks out

SCOTLAND Gay advocacy in Church of Scotland

FRANCE Converts from Islam




The Reason for God 
Rescuing Darwin 
Two Worlds Through Julian's Windows



Sermon Salad: 
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