Trushare Files  No. 169



 June 2009



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It could be costly

James Patrick

explains how it will come to be that the better Synod can make any structural provision for our integrity, the less it will have to shell out in financial payments and vice versa


New look equality

Anthony Saville has identified some potential problems with the new Equality Bill

Confused or faithful  Chris Sugden on the failure of the Anglican Consultative Council in Jamaica and why we need to stand firm together
Dunstan of Canterbury  William Davage Priest Librarian of  Pusey House looks at the life of this popular english saint on his 1050th anniversary
Words too late  George Austin Formerly Archdeacon of York wonders why Dr George Carey did not speak up sooner for orthodoxy
Voting psychology  Ed Tomlinson Parish Priest of St Barnabas, Tunbridge Wells, does not like the implication of Synod's decision to ban clergy from the BNP
Darwin's cultural evolution Stephen Cope Parish Priest of All Saints, Easington on the unwelcome consequences of Darwinism for the theology of society
Our Lady of Fernyhalgh Roger Parker Parish Priest of St Catherine, Burnley on the history and appeal of a Roman Catholic recusant shrine in Lancashire
Glastonbury progress Robin Thwaites looks back on his 25 years of involvement with the Glastonbury Pilgrimage
Bible marathons 2 Christopher Idle on the high and low points of continuous public readings of the Old and New Testaments
What is communion? Kevin Francis Donlon examines the nature of full communion in the context of Anglicanism 
Sauve qui peut Paul Griffin urges us to overcome the human instinct to save ourselves in times of crisis
Wagner's Lohengrin Tom Sutcliffe on recent opera productions including some German performances of Wagner
Anselm of Canterbury Thomas Seville CR considers the influence of one of the greatest theologian archbishops and what makes him so attractive a personality


GHOSTLY COUNSEL Andy Hawes on repeats
DEVOTIONAL Raymond Chapman on God's knowledge of us
PATRICK REARDON Table teaching
SACRED VISION Anthony Saville on Orimina's Trinity
FAITH OF OUR FATHERS Arthur Middleton on the Most Blessed and Glorious Trinity
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW Geoffrey Kirk Christian vegetarian's dilemma

30 days


FiF Update


UGANDA ACC refuses Ugandan delegate

AMERICA Saving marriage

SCOTLAND An agnostic bishop

JAMAICA Bishop Mouneer on ACC-14





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