Trushare Files  No. 172



 September 2009



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Ivan Aquilina offers his thoughts on Archbishop Williams' recent reflections on The Episcopal Church's 2099 General Convention


Dressing down

Alan Edwards on the failure of Britain's fashion sense and other falling standards

Courage John Hervé explains why the present moment is an exciting time to be alive
Honour and Our Lady The Rt Revd Graham James asks why the Shrine at Walsingham provides a focus for Anglican unity
Sharing hope in England Peter Anderson summarizes a clergy discussion on the future of the Catholic movement in the CofE
First step to breakdown John Shepley looks back at the damage caused by a 1970 resolution of the newly formed ACC
Does Satan reside in Church House? Bishop John Broadhurst explains his controversial remark and points out the danger of bureaucracy
The Devon wayside crosses A look at some simple stone crosses from the medieval period
Arguing the little thing Digby Anderson on how the mocking of so-called 'petty' rules has led to the undermining of Christian values
Common Tenure Peter Mullen outlines the end of an ancient tradition of English parochial freedom
Synods and Parliament Mark Stevens on The Episcopal Church and the questions it raises for the Communion as a whole
Official teaching An extract from a CofE response to the Church of Sweden's move to introduce same-sex marriage
From elsewhere America: Doctrine of discovery; America: Property wars; Zimbabwe: Rapid rise; Canada: Doctrine of discovery
Knuckles rapped in the north Sr Gerd Swensson on the impact of the CofE bishops' letter to the Church of Sweden
Views, reviews & previews Channel 4's Revelations, DVD All for Christ, BOOKS:Lectures in Christian Dogmatics, An Evagelical among the Anglican Liturgists, Priests of Jesus Christ, Send the Fire, Lord!


GHOSTLY COUNSEL Andy Hawes a great work
DEVOTIONAL Francis Gardom on light and enlightenment
PATRICK REARDON on what is Gospel?
SACRED VISION Mark Stevens on Poussin's Lamentation
FAITH OF OUR FATHERS Arthur Middleton on Henry Venn
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW Geoffrey Kirk on the meaning of 'Church'
TOUCHING PLACE Simon Cotton on St Michael and All Angels, Barton Turf

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