Trushare Files  No. 179



April 2010



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Dying well


The Right Revd David James, Bishop of Bradfor responds to the current campaigns to change the present law and argues passionately against so-called assisted suicide


Future Liturgy

Peter Elliott A postscript to last month's lead article

Church Landscape Andrew Edwards Online survey from the Naitonal Churches Trust
Travel Delay Alan Edwards on the British tendency to dither before setting off
Anglican Catholics, Catholic Anglicans Ernest Skublics believes the time has come for an end to the fudging and confusion
Infringement of copyright Dwight Longnecker disapproves of the hijacking of the term 'Catholic' by Lord Harries of Pentregarth
A sister diocese Ronald Crane describes a visit to the Anglo-Catholic diocese of Ho in Ghana
Changing an unchanging Church George Hackney on developments in the organization of the Orthodox Church in England
The last chapter Why it is so difficult to picture John chapter 21

Celebrating John Henry Newman

Lead, kindly light
Fallen angels Digby Anderson argues that the English have collectively rejected their Christian identity
The extra mile Paul Griffin on the relationship between Christian morals & common sense
Taking the Devil seriously Nicholas Turner on the need for discretion in tackling evil
A pleas for openness Julian Mann on Conservative Evangelical bishops
From elsewhere Nigeria: Church leaders protest
Netherlands: Gays against Rome
Germany: Restoring Sundays
USA: Welcome to Bishop Glasspool
Malawi: Donor pressure
Views, reviews and previews ART: Henry Moore; BOOKS: Money, Willing, Wanting, Waiting; Moral Clarity; Lift High the Cross
Christ in the cabbage field Margaret Laird: Reredos in Truro Cathedral


GHOSTLY COUNSEL Andy Hawes on the duty of hope
DEVOTIONAL Mary Bosanquet on Dietrich Bonhoeffer
HEARING THE WORD Patrick Reardon on hope and the Gospel
SACRED VISION Mark Stevens on Spencer's Resurrection
FAITH OF OUR FATHERS Arthur Middleton on T. A. Lacey
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW Geoffrey Kirk on paradoxes in liberal Christianity
SECULAR LITURGIES Tom Sutcliffe on Americanized productions
TOUCHING PLACE Simon Cotton on St Nicholas, Normanton-on-Cliffe

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