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July 2010



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Lorna Ashworth, a lay member of General Synod, has published this short booklet, Beyond Equal Rights, on the issue of Equality and Justice, with special reference to the use likely to be made of it in the forthcoming General Synod debate on the Revision Committee's Report in York.

Her book, written from an Evangelical standpoint, provides a scrupulously balanced resumé of the argument often advanced by proponents of the Ordination of women to the Episcopate on the grounds of 'Gender Equality'.

Lorna demonstrates convincingly that this argument cannot possibly bear the weight which is being placed upon it in this particular context.


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Saving our honour


The Editorial Board describe why the July Synod debate will prove so important to the credibility of the Church of England


A new sort of Ecumenism

John Hunwicke explains why our Anglican Catholic ethos should be made a part of the life of the wider Church

Independence Day Alan Edwards offers and anti-Yank rant to redress the balance after the BP oil spill
Spirituality without spirits David Mills asks whether there is merit in the common cliam to be 'spiritual but not religious'
The meaning of a name John Shepley on the names Anglicans call themselves and what they tell us about ecclesiology
Enough already Dsigby Anderson assesses the opportunity costs of perusing unedifyng modern music and literatur
Nurturing the young A look at the Ebbsfleet Children and Young People's Eucharistic Festival
Recruitment drive Michael Wood explains the attractions of an Orthodox style of ordinariate
Stupor mundi updated Geoffrey Kirk on a Sunday morning quest for the forgotten feminine
Lead Kindly Light Celebrating John Henry Newman

Is it funny?

Paul Griffin asks whether people are too quick to take offence at religious humour
Blonde bombshell John Turnbull on a song in favour of married life and its singer Evelyn Dall
From elsewhere Poland – Catholic decline; USA – KJS responds to sanctions; Canada – Primate supports TEC; USA – support for African gays 
Views, reviews and previews ART: Picasso; BOOKS: By what authority?; John Henry Newman; Heaven& Earth in Little Space; The Path to Rome; Lift High the Cross
Catholics on Synod Mary Nagel urges others to stand for election 


GHOSTLY COUNSEL Andy Hawes on nuptial prayer
DEVOTIONAL Florence Allshorn on the Holy Spirit
HEARING THE WORD Patrick Reardon on the nature of time
SACRED VISION Mark Stevens Tintoretto's Stealing of St Mark's Body
TRAWLING THE NET Ed Tomlinson on divorced clergy becoming bishops
FAITH OF OUR FATHERS Arthur Middleton on lost Anglican mind
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW Geoffrey Kirk on bogus weddings
SECULAR LITURGIES Tom Sutcliffe on on the divine presence in a national religion
TOUCHING PLACE Simon Cotton St Mary's Mendlesham

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