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November 2010



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Lorna Ashworth's book is now available from Trushare

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Lorna Ashworth, a lay member of General Synod, has published this short booklet, Beyond Equal Rights, on the issue of Equality and Justice, with special reference to the use likely to be made of it in the forthcoming General Synod debate on the Revision Committee's Report in York.

Her book, written from an Evangelical standpoint, provides a scrupulously balanced resumι of the argument often advanced by proponents of the Ordination of women to the Episcopate on the grounds of 'Gender Equality'.

Lorna demonstrates convincingly that this argument cannot possibly bear the weight which is being placed upon it in this particular context.


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Neither one thing nor the other

NIGEL ATKINSON speaking to the Northern Sacred Synod, explains how the Church of England has sold its birthright as a Reformed Catholic Church


Peter has strengthened his brethren

Mark Woodruff  on the enduring significance of the Papal visit 
What then remains? Alan Edwards ...wonders if any tradition remains sacred
That muted welcome John Turnbull shares his excitement, confusion and embarrassment as he watched Pope Benedict at Westminster Abbey
God and the Beeb Digby Anderson argues that quality is the main problem  in religious broadcasting
One of Three? Robin Jones and JOhn Caster reflect on the Southern Sacred Synod
Retrospective Geoffrey Kirk looks back on the last thirty years in a speech at the FiF Assembly
Canterbury glass Its brilliance and ever-changing movement as it responds to the light of the sun
With a vision for Unity and Truth Geoffrey Kirk preaches a farewell sermon at the National Assembly Mass
Lancelot Andrewes Anthony Gelston on the life and ministry of this leading Anglican divine

The double agony

Anthony Gelston on the nature of Jesus' suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane
The Ebbsfleet Project The Right Reverend Andrew Burnham The Bishop of Ebbsfleet reflects on an experiment on pastoral overshight
From elsewhere

Europe – Catholic Bishops establish Christian rights watchdog
America –
new Lutheran church body
Poland – Catholic schools 'can bar homosexual teachers'
USA –  Divorce, Evangelical style
Australia – Anglicans warned church is on its knees
America – TEC Diocese of Quincy ordains female priest

Views, reviews & previews Art – Treasures from Budapest
Celebrating Blessed John Henry Newman  


GHOSTLY COUNSEL Andy Hawes on Simple Spirituality
HEARING THE WORD Patrick Reardon on a saying in its time
SACRED VISION Mark Stevens on Jonah, Canterbury Cathedral
TRAWLING THE NET Ed Tomlinson on fashion, finance and fidelity
FAITH OF OUR FATHERS Arthur Middleton on seeing beyond the tragic present
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW Geoffrey Kirk on the Society of SS Wilfrid and Hilda
SECULAR LITURGIES Tom Sutcliffe on the task ahead
TOUCHING PLACE David Andrews on St Etienne du Mont, Paris

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