Trushare Files  No. 188



January 2011



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The End of an Era

Sam Philpott reflects on the work and witness of the fo8under of Forward in Faith, Bishop John Broadhurst


The Next Steps 

Simon Killwick leader of the Catholic Group in Synod, looks to the future
RIP AV Alan Edwards on the AV anniversary
Broken Promises The texts upon which we have relied
  • House of Commons: Oct 1993 Michael Ellison
  • Synod Nov. 1993 The Archbishop of York
  • Synod Nov. 1993 Michael Ellison
  • From the Manchester Report
Truth and accountability or dialogue and listening? Chris Sugden on two different understamdings of the purpose of the Anglican Communion Covenenant
Celebrating Blessed John Henry Newman  
A Rock and a Hard Place

Ed Tomlinson on a parish and its future

Manhood in the Church John C. Stults on how men should be Christian
Medieval Baptism The medieval church and the Seven Sacraments
Goodness Paul Giffin on theology and goodness
Options, Options

Ivan Aquilina addresses his parish on the options which lie before us

Is the anglican Covenant Catholic?

Matthew Duckett takes a look at recent proposals

From elsewhere

Chicago faith and science

Canada St John's Calgary

UK The British Ambassador to the Holy See 

Vatican Bank in laundering scandal 

USA Bishop Charles E. Bennison 

USA Bishop condemns Archbishop 

Not of one mind Dominic Scarborough on the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales and orthodox Catholics
Views, reviews & previews

art Bridget Riley 

Books Approaching God, Nowt!, The Think Tank, The world's Religions, Creative Ideas, Crimea: The Last Crusade



GHOSTLY COUNSEL Andy Hawes on bonds of peace
FAITH OF OUR FATHERS Arthur Middleton on theophilus Anglicanus
HEARING THE WORD Patrick Reardon on influences that shaped the mind of Paul
DEVOTIONAL St Bernard on The First Manifestation
SACRED VISION Mark Stevens on Fabriano's Adoration of the Magi
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW Geoffrey Kirk reflects on twenty-five years of combat

Simon Cotton on St Giles, Leigh-on-Mendip, Somerset


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Sermon Salad: 
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