Trushare Files  No. 197



October 2011




Parish Directory




Remembering 9/11


Paul Cartwright reports on the September 11th Memorial Services


A New Constitution The Constitution of the Mission Society of St Wilfred and St Hilda
From the Bishop of Beverley The Bishop of Beverley reflects on how the new Society is taking shape
The Priesthood Peter Mullen A poem
Times still are a-changin Alan Edwards on moves past, present and future
Vocations Guy Willis looks at the lessons learned from an inspiring vocations conference
Reaching the Institutionalized Julian Mann on the ministry of Iwerne Minster
GRAS, trust and the question of assurances John Richardson on the shortcomings of a new paper from GRAS
Pastoral Letter The Bishop of Burnley writes to the priests and people of SSWSH North West
Age and Ages George Austin considers eighty years of secular and religious history
Non-Stipendiary Ministry Geoffrey Squire addresses some misconceptions
Anglican Patrimony in Context Christopher Trundle highlights four central themes in Anglican Patrimony
Where we went wrong Anthony Saville considers the issue of homosexuality
Pulpits Proclaiming the Word
A voyage round Diocesan Synods Tony Delves reports on Diocesan Synods debates
Views, reviews & previews
Art: Owen Higgs on Degas and the Ballet
Music: Christian Stobbs on music for Our Lady of Walsingham;
Peter Westfield on O Virgo Benedicta;
Books: Richard Norman on Great Christian Thinkers;
Conrad O'Riley on Many are Called;
Serenhedd James on Scene by Selwob;
Andy Hawes on A Journey to Emmaus
John Twistleton on The Great Partnership and the Iconic Jesus;
Edward Beaumont on YOUCAT
The flame of prayerful living Arthur Middleton argues that practical divinity is at the heart of the Anglican devotion
Wills and making more of them Neil Wood shows how making a will is a declaration of faith


FAITH OF OUR FATHERS Arthur Middleton on the spirit of the Tractarians
DEVOTIONAL Forbes Robinson on The Family as Sacrament
GHOSTLY COUNSEL Andy Hawes on forgiveness and the peace
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW Geoffrey Kirk on supposedly catholic arguments for the ordination of women
BOOK OF THE MONTH Jane Blackman reviews The Winter of our Discontent
SACRED VISION Andy Hawes on the 350th anniversary of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer

Tom Sutcliffe on operas by Puccini and a play by Alexi Kaye Campbell


Nicholas Stebbing reports from Zimbabwe

TOUCHING PLACE Simon Cotton on St Michael, Castle Frome, Herefordshire

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FiF Update



Sermon Salad: 
an Hors d'oeuvre 
of over three hundred homilies for many occasions



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