Trushare Files  No. 199



December 2011


Parish Directory




Women Bishops the numbers


Peter Ould analyses the voting results from the Diocesan Synod Debates


What might have been said John Richardson on Christianity, capitalism and the St Paul's protestors
The Parable of the Ten Virgins Nicolas Stebbing reflects on this parable and how we can respond to it
Women Bishops Legislation A Statement from the Catholic Group in Synod
Anglican Patrimony Christopher Trundle on careful spiritual preparation for Christmas
Like stars appearing Alan Edwards has some predictions for the year ahead
Travellers' Tales Neal Wood considers a stop on the Loire
The Federation of Catholic Priests Looks to a bright future
Do you have a WWJD side? Ian McCormack considers an over-used phrase
My Father is glorified by this ... The Bishop of Plymouth gives a devotional address to the National Assembly
Views, reviews & previews
Art: Owen Higgs on Postmodernism at the V and A;
TV: Richard Maloney on Young Nuns and Rev.;
Radio: Petra Robinson
Sunday Worship from Lancing College;
DVD: Malcolm Gray on Finding Fatima;
Music: Serenhedd James
British Choral Works;
Books: Anthony Saville on Christmas: Philosophy for everyone
John Foster on Sea without a Shore: A life of Bishop Michael Houghton
John Twistleton on On Guard: Defending Your Fiath with Reason and Precision
George Nairn-Briggs on A Complete Parish Priest
The Right Rite A priest from the Northern Province comments on the Gishop of London's Ad Clerum
Looking for a new home? Bishop Roald Flemstad encourages consideration of the Union of Scranton
Facing Misogyny Anthony Saville continues his reflections on where we went wrong
Colamine-sous-Vodable Hidden Romanesque Statues
Meditation Preparing for Christmas
YR4God The YR4God Team write about the Walsingham Family Pilgrimage
Our Current Difficulties: Part Two Margaret Brown on how to get out of the mess we are in


FAITH OF OUR FATHERS Arthur Middleton on the way of our salvation
DEVOTIONAL William Law on A consistent Christian Life
GHOSTLY COUNSEL Andy Hawes on Hospitality
THE WAY WE LIVE NOW Geoffrey Kirk on female clergy in Finland
BOOK OF THE MONTH Ian McCormack on a new anthology of English Roman Catholic writing
SACRED VISION George Gliver CR on the art and faith of Mirfield

Tom Sutcliffe on Anglo-German Relations

TOUCHING PLACE Simon Cotton on St Peter & St Paul, Chaldon, Surrey

30 days




FiF Update

Fr Ivan writes



Sermon Salad: 
an Hors d'oeuvre 
of over three hundred homilies for many occasions



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