What can I do?

Tony Delves offers practical advice as the important meeting of the General Synod approaches

As the Synod vote approaches it is tempting to think that most of us can do nothing, that we are now only spectators. Not so. The call to everyone in our constituency is to gird up our loins, engage, and be active. How?

Prayer: Whatever the outcome, the vote will have enormous consequences and great turbulence lies ahead. Our prayer is as much about preparing ourselves for this as about the vote itself. It is a work for the whole constituency.

Support our Synod members: We need to support robustly those who enter the lion’s den on our behalf. So uphold them, in spiritual and personal ways, and let them know that they are upheld. Send a message – a card, letter, phone call or e-mail, whether you know them personally or not. It will brace their hearts and nerve their arms.

Spread the word: Make contact by letter, or better still in

person if possible, with all local Synod members and bishops. What should you say?

Be vigilant: The vote is likely to be so close that lay members of Synod in particular will be under strong pressure to vote ‘yes’, or abstain, which would achieve the same result.

Be alert to senior clerics and others using their influence inappropriately in this way. If something seems wrong say so, and ask questions.

‘I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith’ (2 Timothy 4.7). ND

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