Hic, hic, hic

According to legend when they beheaded St Edmund for not renouncing Christ they threw his head into the forest. It was found later on by friends who followed the cries of a wolf calling, ‘Hic, hic, hic’ which translating from Latin means ‘Here, here, here’. It is a good story, and a parable as well, for there are many issues around that I’d like supernatural help to address and hear a ‘eureka’ – to switch my Classical languages – let alone a ‘Hic, hic, hic’.

Take the Philippines Typhoon, the carnage in Syria or, nearer to home, the people I come across whose minds are decaying so they no longer know who they are, where they belong or any purpose they have in life. Where’s my hic, hic, hic – here, here, here’s the answer?

Issues of natural catastrophe, human cruelty and mind decay are no mere hiccups – excuse the pun! they are seriously real, do not go away and make an invisible loving God look metaphysical in a bad sense.

In his book The Reason for God, the American Christian writer Timothy Keller has these wise words: ‘If you have a God great and transcendent enough to be mad at because he hasn’t stopped evil and suffering in the world... you have...a God great and transcendent enough to have good reasons for allowing it to continue that you can’t know... you can’t have it both ways’.

I thought ‘hic, hic, hic’ – thanks, Tim, for reminding me to let God be God, to spend less time questioning evil and more time countering it.

John Twisleton

Broadcast by Fr John Twisleton
(Rector of St Giles, Horsted Keynes, West Sussex)

on Premier Christian Radio DAB Digital Radio
 Freeview 725/ Sky digital 0123
in London on 1305 1332 1413 MW



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