Trushare Files  No. 227





Mission and Church Growth

Damien Fenney examines the latest facts and figures
Manageable evangelism Philip North on why the first thirty seconds matter
St Paul Nicholas Stebbing CR takes the apostle as his example
Keep calm and carry on Nicholas Turner remains calm with marriage and the media
Singing hymns and arias Alan Edwards gets musical

The numbers game

Digby Anderson wonders why people go to church

A traditionalist approach J Alan Smith offers a traditional look on the world
Where is reality? Denis Desert here and now
Sacramental Assurance Ross Northing on why consistency matters
Fan the Flame The re-launch of this mission initiative
views, reviews and previews

ART: Owen Higgs on Turner and the Sea

John Turnbull  on King of the North


WORLD WAR ONE21-23 reviews__world_war_one_annivers.htm SPECIAL

Cuthbert Hebblethwaite on music for the anniversary
Bede Wear on the art of Stanley Spencer
Wesley Turl on Oh what a lovely war!
Bede Wear on Journey's End
Cuthbert Hebblethwaite on Empires of the Dead
Stephen Grove on The diaries of Olga Romanov

Mission PNG Style Bishop Peter Ramsden reports on building the kingdom in Papua New Guinea
Go and make disciples of all nations Nicholas Stebbing CR explains what we can learn from missions overseas
Pastoralia Margaret Laird on eccentrics and Anglican pastoral care


GHOSTLY COUNSEL Andy Hawes encourages us to honour Mary
FAITH OF OUR FATHERS Arthur Middleton on the need for a new Oxford Movement
DEVOTIONAL Arthur Middleton a prayer for all
SECULAR LITURGIES Tom Sutcliffe likes a little bit of Italian

Christopher Smith is saying sorry

TOUCHING PLACE Simon Cotton on St Mary and Hardulph, Breedon on the Hill


Thought for the day



Sermon Salad: 
an Hors d'oeuvre 
of over three hundred homilies for many occasions
















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