Trushare Files  No. 231







On a Pilgrimage

The Bishop of Fulham looks forward in faith
Ghana Grant Naylor travels into the Anglican Communion
Ordinations by the Bishops of the Society  
The contributor regrets: Alan Edwards says farewell
Hurrying the Murray Damian Feeney considers mission in a different field

The Last Things

Digby Anderson reflects on Hell

We will remember them Paul Cartwright plays with the band in Normandy
Romanesque Auvergne The churches of France
Two and a half cheers for Abraham Lincoln J. Alan Smith considers the Gettysburg Address
The Pope's Favourite Picture Denis Desert views the work of Marc Chagall
A movement that has fallen asleep Brother Steven Haws CR reminds us of state of The Episcopal Church
The Word of the Lord Julian Mann on the authority of the bible
Heading to the souks Richard Norman travels to Marrakech
views, reviews and previews

Owen Higgs on
Kenneth Clark at Tate Britain


Philip Corbett on Paul Harvie

Steven Savage on St Luke's Grimethorpe

Janet Backman on Tales of Three Popes

Anthony Saville on The Ideals of Inquiry

Sr Heidi Cooper on The writings of Teresa of Avila

Nigel Anthony on The Logic of Self-Destruction

Hugh Bates on Journey to Mount Athos

Dewi Hopkins on Stir up, O Lord



GHOSTLY COUNSEL Andy Hawes on having a learning heart
FAITH OF OUR FATHERS Arthur Middleton considers the Anglican Communion
DEVOTIONAL Arthur Middleton considers Michael Ramsey
SECULAR LITURGIES Tom Sutcliffe on Python at the ENO

Christopher Smith is full of the Holy Spirit

BOOK OF THE MONTH Ian McCormack travels on high from Brooke Street to Brookwood
TOUCHING PLACE Simon Cotton on St Mary the Virgin, Warks


Thought for the day



Sermon Salad: 
an Hors d'oeuvre 
of over three hundred homilies for many occasions
















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