Trushare Files  No. 2



July 1995



Pastors and Friends
Stephen Parkinson explains the Regional Deans

Devotional Meditation
Believing in the Resurrection

Pop Goes the Weasel: "SECT"

Porvoo or not Porvoo
John Hunwicke considers the ecumenical proposals

The Bishop and the Actress
Peter Green eavesdrops on a long-standing relationship

Orthodox Directions
Michael Harper tells of a pilgrimage to Orthodoxy

FiF Update

Bible Exposition
Preparation for the Year 2000: 
Jeremiah 29: 414

Robbie Low interviews 
Canon Edwin Barnes

Faith of our Fathers
Temples of the Holy Spirit

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
A Marriage against the Mode

Synod Insider: Reforming the Episcopate II
Redefining the Episcopal Role

Letter from America
You and I are Evil

Letter from the Baltic
It's All Over Now

Letter from Australia
Northern Endings

Reform Update
Reform's Flying Bishop will he ever get off the Ground?

Legal & Parochial
What is an Archdeacon?

Question & Answer
Does it matter that the Tomb was empty?



  1. Comment: Living in Sin

  2. No Excuse!

  3. Incarnation & Pilgrimage

  4. Facts of the Faith

  5. Alpha Course for Catholics

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