Trushare Files  No. 3



August 1995




Something to Celebrate?
Colin Hart responds to the Board of Social Responsibility Report

An Opportunity for Evangelism and Mission
George Nairn-Biggs takes a more positive look at the BSR Family Report

The Consistory Court on Trial
Stephen Trott reports on an undue process of law

Devotional Meditation
An Image of the Heavenly Light

FiF Update

Biblical Exegesis
Traditionalists Beware!: Matthew 23

Robbie Low
interviews Frank Field MP

Faith of our Fathers
Stability of Faith

30 Days

The Way We Live Now
Package Partnerships

Pop Goes the Weasel: ... a cry for help

Synod Insider
Reflections on the End of a Quinquennium

Letter from Japan

Letter from Australia

Letter from America
The End of the Affair

Reform Update
Does Reform care about the Inner City?

Reform Conference

Legal & Parochial
Hearth, Home and Hoare

Question & Answer
Should we believe in Hell?

Education Supplement

  1. From a Sermon Preached at Glastonbury Pilgrimage

  2. More about Alpha for Catholics

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